Economics 10/30 – 11/3

Monday-Video notes over macroeconomics and GDP.

  1. Macro Crash Course
  2. Productivity & Growth
  4. Back to the Future
  5. We completed Ch 12 Review pg 326-327 # 1-14.  Have finished Wednesday.

Tuesday-Notes over Macroeconomics.

  • Media center work-For each of the following topics find 1 article online for each of the 3 topics below in the last 6 months and summarize the 4 major points from each.  Look for vocab you recognize from the text. 3 articles in all-one on each topic. Provide Hyperlinks for each one.  Summarizing doesn’t mean cut and paste. Summarize what you learned.
    • GDP
    • Business Cycles
    • Inflation
  • Submit through Turnitin under “Macro-Articles”
  • Go to USA Test Prep-
  • School code is harrisonga
  • Login is: newton91
  • Create your own account if you don’t have one and go to the ECONOMICS small test.  See how you do!
  • Select the 2nd Coach Crump you come to.  Select my class.
  • You should have a series of assignments set up under my class. Right now there are two assignments.  Both are due by Friday.
  • If you don’t have a password/login see the media specialists.

When done begin Micro-1 & Macro Review-1 in USATestPrep. These should be finished by beginning of class Thursday.

Wednesday-Completed lecture over 13.  Get notes. Small group review.

Explain: Circular flow/price floors/price ceilings. Shifters of supply/demand.

1st Period-Ch 5 NE quiz next Tuesday.


Thursday-Ch 13 Assessment. 1-17 Due tomorrow.  Notes over unemployment/poverty.

Friday-Ch. 12/13 Test.  Follow makeup schedule to complete if absent.  We turned in Ch 13 Assessment.  Make sure articles were emailed in.  Get Ramsey notes on Ch. 9 from desk and classmate.

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