Government: April 23rd – 27th

 More Constitutional Info/Help to Come

(Check back this evening…)

Mon- Constitutional convention

Tues- Virginia vs NJ plan – We the People Ativity

Wed- Federalists vs Anti-federalists-We the People Activity

Thurs- Walk thru the Constitution activity

Fri- Anatomy of Constitution

Week Three (Spring): April 16 – April 20

Monday: Declaration of Independence

Video Clip Morgan Freeman

Discuss portions of


Tuesday: Declaration of Idependence

I CIVICS Worksheet


Wednesday: Articles of Confedration

Video Clip

Worksheet on Articles

Thursday: Constitutional Convention

We The People Activity : Cooperative learning groups

Worksheet and analysis


Friday: Walk Through the Constitution Activity

Cooperative learning activity

Week 2: March 26th – 30th

Government – Meese


CNN 10

Finish Atlas Shrugged

Probing question: Is America the greatest country in the world? Why or why not?

Newsroom intro

Government pre-test


CNN 10

Survivor Island Activity

ICIVICS Worksheet: John Locke


CNN 10

Forms of Government

Video Clip


ICIVICS Worksheet


CNN 10

Early influences on American Government

Chapter 2-1

ICIVICS Activity


CNN 10

Articles of Confederation


The Last Week of Economics!!!


Mon: Review for EOC

Tues: EOC & review

Wed: EOC and review

Thursday: Video: Atlas Shrugged

Food day & celebrate end of ECON

Fri: Intro to govt.

Government pretest

Week 5 Economics: February 5th – 9th

Econ 2/5-2/9

Posted on February 5, 2018


Chapter 6 Supply and Demand

Worksheet and Study Guide


Review Chapters 4-6

Study Guide


Test: Chapters 4-6 (STUDY!!!)


Chapter 7 Market Structures

Graphic Organizer and Notes

Chapter 8 Business Organizations

Graphic Organizer and Notes

Group Activity


Chapter 9 Personal Finance


Econ 1/9 to 1/12

Mon- Ice


Tuesday – Review activity on trade offs


Chapter 1 Study Guide


Wed- Chapter 2 Economic Systems

Chapter 2 Notes and Study Guide


Thurs- Crash course econ video

Graphic organizer on systems- Command, Market, Traditional, Mixed

Fri- Glass factory in Soviet Union Exercise

Quiz Chapter 1 &  2