Week 2 Economics (10/9-10/13)


Mon-Ch. 2-Economic Systems

  • Complete All Ch. 2 section assessments.  Due Tuesday.
  • Begin persuasive essay on whether you believe health care should be free or not and reasons why.  Submit through turnitin before Friday at 8:00 am.  Minimum 400 words.  90% originality. 1 point off for every % below.
  • Register yourself for the class at www.turnitin.com using:
    • If you would like students to enroll themselves in this class, they will need both the enrollment key you have chosen and the unique class ID generated by Turnitin:
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    • A good place for information is Pro/Con
    • Do Not go directly down the list with none of your own reasoning.  Keep in mind that “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Tues-Ch. 3-Free Enterprise

Wed-Sr. Summit

Thur-½ Day. Economics pretest in lab.

Friday-Ch-1-3 Test-D.R. Ch 2-Use Guided Readings and powerpoints from blog I posted Friday to help.

Week Nine Fall (10/9-10/13)

Week Nine Fall (October 9-13)

World History


Political Theory of Machiavelli

Excerpts From The Prince

The Prince Reading

Sincerely Machiavelli – Due Thursday


Protestant Reformation PPT

The Renaissance Questions (Sections 1 & 2)

The Protestant Reformation Questions (Section 3)


Catholicism vs Protestantism

Renaissance Art

Renaissance Art Vid

Crash Course Renaissance


DaVinci Code


Scientific Revolution PPT

Scientific Revolution Chart

Finish DaVinci Code

Economics (Week 1) 10/2 – 10/6

Economics 10/2-6


  • Monday-Syllabus.  Get the syllabus from makeup desk and bring in signed.
    • Begin “5 Financial Tips”
    • Choose a company you’d like to learn about this semester.
    • Choose a mutual fund you’d like to research this semester?
  • Tuesday-Watched a documentary called “Maxed Out” and took notes.  He needs to write a 200 word summary of the dangers of credit card debt and email or hand in Wednesday.
  • Wednesday-Completed “Maxed Out” with discussion.  Began Ch. 1 lecture notes.  Get from makeup desk and fill ins from a classmate.
  • Thursday-Dave Ramsey-Ch 1-Savings and investment.  Get worksheet from desk and answers from a classmate.  Have in your notebook Tuesday.
  • Friday-Quiz over Fundamentals of Economics and Ch. 1 of D. R.



Tuesday-Viewed Crash Course videos on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.  Get a classmates notes. We watched #23-27.

Good notes over Civil Right and Civil Liberties-1azuzhq

Tuesday-Completed pg. 384 and took notes on Civil Liberties.  Get from a classmate.  Turn in Chapter review on Wednesday.


Lab work-Readings on current Civil Rights cases.

Palin vs US Times-etc.



Label & illustrate

  1. 1st amendment-all 4 freedoms
  2. 2nd
  3. 3
  4. 4 & case
  5. 5 & case
  6. 6 & case
  7. Establishment clause
  8. Free exercise clause
  9. Affirmative action
  10. Double jeopardy
  11. Jim crow
  12. Exclusionary rule
  13. Plessy & Brown v Board
  14. Slander & libel
  15. Heckler’s veto


Complete pgs 472 & 524 and keep in notebook to study.  We watched Crash Course Government-40 & 42.



Government 8/27-9/1


Get notes from a classmate on “West Wing-The Supremes”.  25 Plot notes due.  Or you can watch on Netflix/Prime if you have it and turn in Monday.
Complete Ch. 11 and 12 Chapter Reviews.  Due Tuesday.


Go to the site and read on any 2 court cases currently pending you find interesting. Provide a quick summary of the case and what you hope the outcome will be and why. Write on separate paper and entitle “Court Cases” and turn in before you leave. Turn in Wednesday if absent.
Complete the West Wing quiz after you watch the West Wing-Season 5-“The Supremes”.  It’s on Netflix. If you don’t have it, write a 250 summary by hand of any major Supreme Court case that interests you.
We discussed the powers or the Judicial Branch.  Watch crash course #19 & 20.
You’ll be assigned a court case to argue on Friday from those up for argument in October.  If absent choose one you find interesting be ready to jump in Thursday.
Complete all section reviews for Ch. 12.  These will be taken up Friday along with your Ch. 11 ones.  Study these, the crash courses, and notes I gave Monday for the test.  Also look over Ch 11/12 Assessments in your textbooks for review.
We are moving the test from Thursday to Friday due to the Sr. Picnic being moved back 30 minutes.
Test over the judicial, executive, and legislative branches.  Makeup next week following the schedule.
When done you need to review a court case being considered and write a 250 word summary of the case and what you think should happen.
Court case presentations.