Tuesday-Viewed Crash Course videos on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.  Get a classmates notes. We watched #23-27.

Good notes over Civil Right and Civil Liberties-1azuzhq

Tuesday-Completed pg. 384 and took notes on Civil Liberties.  Get from a classmate.  Turn in Chapter review on Wednesday.


Lab work-Readings on current Civil Rights cases.

Palin vs US Times-etc.



Label & illustrate

  1. 1st amendment-all 4 freedoms
  2. 2nd
  3. 3
  4. 4 & case
  5. 5 & case
  6. 6 & case
  7. Establishment clause
  8. Free exercise clause
  9. Affirmative action
  10. Double jeopardy
  11. Jim crow
  12. Exclusionary rule
  13. Plessy & Brown v Board
  14. Slander & libel
  15. Heckler’s veto


Complete pgs 472 & 524 and keep in notebook to study.  We watched Crash Course Government-40 & 42.



Government 8/27-9/1


Get notes from a classmate on “West Wing-The Supremes”.  25 Plot notes due.  Or you can watch on Netflix/Prime if you have it and turn in Monday.
Complete Ch. 11 and 12 Chapter Reviews.  Due Tuesday.


Go to the site and read on any 2 court cases currently pending you find interesting. Provide a quick summary of the case and what you hope the outcome will be and why. Write on separate paper and entitle “Court Cases” and turn in before you leave. Turn in Wednesday if absent.
Complete the West Wing quiz after you watch the West Wing-Season 5-“The Supremes”.  It’s on Netflix. If you don’t have it, write a 250 summary by hand of any major Supreme Court case that interests you.
We discussed the powers or the Judicial Branch.  Watch crash course #19 & 20.
You’ll be assigned a court case to argue on Friday from those up for argument in October.  If absent choose one you find interesting be ready to jump in Thursday.
Complete all section reviews for Ch. 12.  These will be taken up Friday along with your Ch. 11 ones.  Study these, the crash courses, and notes I gave Monday for the test.  Also look over Ch 11/12 Assessments in your textbooks for review.
We are moving the test from Thursday to Friday due to the Sr. Picnic being moved back 30 minutes.
Test over the judicial, executive, and legislative branches.  Makeup next week following the schedule.
When done you need to review a court case being considered and write a 250 word summary of the case and what you think should happen.
Court case presentations.


Government-Week 4-Aug 21-25


  1. Take notes over Founding Brothers Part 3- (Evolution of a Revolution-Part 1, 2, & 3)  we’ll take a quiz Tuesday using your notes.
  2. Complete the Chapter Assessments on pgs. 154, 179, & pg 208 the quiz Tuesday will also include terms/concepts from this.
  3. Complete these if you didn’t due to shortened bell schedule.


Complete presentations/Quiz over work/Lecture notes over Congress.

Begin reading over The Presidency.

Wednesday-Path to the Presidency-2016 election demographics.

Thursday-Presidential Powers-Historical examples

Friday-The Modern Presidency


Week Four Fall (August 21-25)

World History


What Type of Candy Do You Want PPT / Activity

How much do you know about Athens and Sparta?

Ancient Olympics Vid


Alexander the Great PPT

Athens/Sparta Quiz

Rome Map

Mankind Episode Three


The Roman Republic PPT

Roman Achievements Stations

Roman Achievement Stations Chart



Christianity in the Roman Empire

From Rome to DC


The Roman Empire PPT

Fall of Rome DBQ #1

Fall or Rome DBQ #2

Government (Week 3) – (August 14th – 18th)

Monday-Begin Ch. 3 and Constitution Scavenger Hunt-Took notes over CNNnews for Monday.  Keep up with these daily in running notes for quizzes.

Tuesday-Ch. 3 Section 1 Review-Lecture. Complete pg. 75 review.

Wednesday-Ch 3 Section 2-3 Review and Lecture

Media Center-Articles on Constitutional Issues-Scavenger Hunt DueGo to the RCP homepage-Select 5 articles that interest you and follow Current Events Summary Template for each on your own paper. Turn in at the end of class. Title “Current Events-Constitution.

At the end of each one provide a way that it connects to the Constitution.

Thursday-I Think We Should Presentations

Friday-Founding Brothers 3. Watch online and turn in notes on Monday.

Week 3 (August 14-18)

World History


Ancient Civilizations Review Guide

Ancient Civilizations Review


SLO Pre-Test

Ancient Civlization Test


Ancient Greece Student Notes

Ancient Greece Map

Early Aegean Civilization PPT

Rival City-States (Sparta vs Athens)

Mankind Episode Two


Greek City States Unity and Division Reading

The Golden Age of Athens

What if Persia Conquered Greece?

Ancient Greek Philosopher Head Tweets


Athens v Sparta Quiz

What Type of Candy do You Want?

Ancient Olympics

Horrible Histories


Week 2 – The Real Work Begins!


Monday-“I think we should”.  This is an individual project & test grade we will present through PowerPoint/Prezi/Google Slides etc. next Thursday.  Select one issue you believe is important you’d like to put more research in to.  It should be government related and a problem you believe government can help solve.  If you don’t believe it can be solved through the government then how do you think it can be solved? This shouldn’t be something you’ve done for another class. You should prepare a presentation that outlines:

  1. What the issue is.
  2. Why it is important.
  3. What’s currently being done.
  4. What else you think should be done or what should be done differently.
  5. What are the obstacles to this happening.
  6. How do you think this could be accomplished. (Please don’t be generic like “work together)
  7. Rubric below
    25 1. It is clear what you believe we should do and why.
    25 2. You have provided facts to support your opinions.
    25 3. You have considered the consequences; both good and bad to your solution.
    25 4. Your presentation is professional in visual and oral presentation.
    100 Total

For the 2nd half view Founding Brothers A More Perfect Union part 4/5/6 on Youtube and take notes.


  1. Go here to take a political quiz.  For each of the questions select your answer as well as how important it is to you on the left.  For each section there’ s section for “more” at the bottom.  Do the full quiz.  Take your time (click “Learn More”) if you don’t understand something.
  2. When done summarize what it says about you and the candidate you would choose.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?  Explain. Email your quiz results to me.
  3. Begin answering questions to your Government Study Guide study-guide-government on a separate sheet, handwritten not typed.  This is due Friday morning.


Founding Brothers Part 1.  Go to youtube here and answer these founding brothers 1 questions.  You’re watching parts 1-3. Turn in Wednesday if absent.


For your chapter you were assigned summarize the Big Events/Big Ideas/Big People/Important terms.

Put the information in a PowerPoint/Prezi/Google Slides.  Use pictures where applicable.  Make sure it has enough slides to cover the information and is big enough to be seen in class.

Your section # corresponds to the section you’re doing.

  1. 1-2
  2. 1-3
  3. 1-4
  4. 2-1
  5. 2-2
  6. 2-3

When done with this you should finish the “I Think We Should” Presentation from Monday. Directions are copied again below.  This is an individual one due Thursday, Aug. 17 by the beginning of class.

Thursday-Lecture “Constitution Man”

Watch Founding Brothers Part 4-6.  Answer the questions and email to me by Tuesday morning after the break.  “Period-Name-FB2”

Friday-Test over Ch. 1 & 2.

Week 1 – Welcome Back!

Government-July 31st-August 4th


  1. syllabus-economics-crump-fall 2017-11cn2x7
  2. First Day Questions
  3. Go here to take a political quiz.  For each of the questions select your answer as well as how important it is to you on the left.  If it gives you the option to answer more questions, do so for one click.  Also, make sure you rate how important each question is to you on the left as you go. It helps increase your accuracy.
  4. When done summarize what it says about you and the candidate you would choose.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?  Explain. Email your quiz results to me. Title it “Period-Last-First-isidewith”

Tuesday-Complete Chapters 1 sections 1-4 assessments.  Turn in on Friday.


Founding Brothers Part 1.  Go to youtube here and answer these founding brothers 1 questions.  Turn in to replace quiz grade we took.


  1. Complete these Swing Vote questions to turn in tomorrow.


Turn in Swing Vote questions up to where you finished on back desk.

Complete all section assessments for Ch. 1.  Skip Concepts in Action for each one.

Turn in on Monday if you missed.