Week 15: April 30th – May 4th

World History


Revolutions Test


Change & Conflict Intro Questions

Industrial Revolution Fact Sheet

Industrial Revolution

Crash Course #32

Conditions in Factories: Women and Children Reading


Child Labor Then & Now

Child Labor: Ali’s Story

Industrial Revolution Chart

Tombstone Assignment – Due Thursday


Karl Marx and The Communist Manifesto

Capitalism v Socialism

Capitalism v Socialism PPT

Crash Course #33

Rock/Paper/Scissors Game


White Man’s Burden

Intro to Imperialism PPT

Crash Course #35

Travelocity Travel Package

Government: April 30th – May 4th

Please click on some of the links below:

For further understanding-

Constitution and Bill of Rights Study Guide (Answered)

Constitution and Bill of Rights Presentation

Due Process and School Cases

Monday- Walk Thru the Constitution Activity

Tues: ICIVICS Activity- Anatomy of Constitution

Wed: Bill of Right Intro: ICIVICS Activity

Thurs: 1st Amendment/ Speech & Expression  Tinker v Des Moines Case Review

Fri: 1st Amendment/ Speech   Recent Court cases  Frederich vs Morse

Government: April 23rd – 27th

 More Constitutional Info/Help to Come

(Check back this evening…)

Mon- Constitutional convention

Tues- Virginia vs NJ plan – We the People Ativity

Wed- Federalists vs Anti-federalists-We the People Activity

Thurs- Walk thru the Constitution activity

Fri- Anatomy of Constitution

Week 14: April 23rd – 27th

World History


Enlightenment People Chart

What if Enlightenment Philosophers Tweeted – Due Tuesday


Music Math and Beethoven

What Caused the French Revolution?

Three Estates Reading – Due Wednesday

The Estates General

Estates General to National Assembly

Louis XVI Bio

Louis/Marie Profile Activity – Due Thursday



Constitutional Monarchy

French Revolution Timeline

French Revolution Video Questions


French Revolution Phase III PPT

French Revolution Phase IV PPT


French/American Revolution Comparison

Absolutism/Revolution Study Guide

Revolution Match-up

Revolution Match-up (Answers)

Week Three (Spring): April 16 – April 20

Monday: Declaration of Independence

Video Clip Morgan Freeman

Discuss portions of


Tuesday: Declaration of Idependence

I CIVICS Worksheet


Wednesday: Articles of Confedration

Video Clip

Worksheet on Articles

Thursday: Constitutional Convention

We The People Activity : Cooperative learning groups

Worksheet and analysis


Friday: Walk Through the Constitution Activity

Cooperative learning activity

Week 13 (Spring): April 16 – April 20

World History


Collect Columbus Response

The Age of Exploration Review


Age of Exploration Test

Mankind #8


Rise of Absolutism PPT

Divine Right of Kings Reading – Due Tuesday

Versailles Clip


English Civil War PPT

Horrible Histories Kings and Queens

English Civil War Political Cartoon Assignment – Due Friday


Restoration and the Glorious Revolution

The King of Bling

Absolutism Timeline

Mankind #9


Government: 4/9 – 4/13

Mon- Forms of government

ICIVICS Activity

Video clip on forms of government.


Tues- Federalism

ICIVICS activity

Crashccourse video clip on Fedralism


Wed- Early influences on American Governmet

Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights

Rousseau and Montisque

ICIVICS activity


Thurs- Declaration of Independence

Video clip  and activity


Friday- Quiz

Declaration of Independence activity continue.

Week 9: 4/9 – 4/13

Week Twelve Spring (April 9-13)

World History


History of Chocolate

Ancient American Civilizations

When Are We Now Timeline – Due Wednesday


Transatlantic Slave Trade

Mercantilism / Commerce and Trade PPT

Finish Timeline


When Worlds Collide Writing Assignment/Rubric – Due Thursday

Columbian Exchange- R-8


Life at Sea

Explorers PPT

Mankind #8


History v Christopher Columbus

Columbus Article 2- R-6

Columbus Article- R-8

What Are Some Facts About Christopher Columbus


Was Columbus a Success or Failure? – Due Monday


Week 2: March 26th – 30th

Government – Meese


CNN 10

Finish Atlas Shrugged

Probing question: Is America the greatest country in the world? Why or why not?

Newsroom intro

Government pre-test


CNN 10

Survivor Island Activity

ICIVICS Worksheet: John Locke


CNN 10

Forms of Government

Video Clip


ICIVICS Worksheet


CNN 10

Early influences on American Government

Chapter 2-1

ICIVICS Activity


CNN 10

Articles of Confederation