Be an Art Leader, join the Art Leader Club!

This year at Bells Ferry, we are proud to announce a new leadership club for students who are interested in being leaders through the Visual Arts. Students will be participating in leadership and legacy Art activities throughout the school year, including painting school murals, organizing fun Art days, competing in local competitions and so much more. We are excited to begin this new, fun club!

Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade are invited to attend. There is no cost for students and there is no size limit. Students need to fill out an application and permission slip (click HERE for a copy) and return them to Mrs. Bley by Wednesday, September 5.

We hope you (or your child) will consider joining this exciting new club!

Did you miss the Art Bandit Newsletter?

In the last week, an Art Newsletter was sent home. If you missed the newsletter, please click HERE.

Some important highlights:

  • The PTA Reflections contest entries are due September 12. Every student began an artwork last week during their Art class. Students may submit multiple entries in different categories. For more information, click HERE to see my PTA Reflections blog.
  • The Art curriculum at Bells Ferry is designed around the Elements of Art, including line, shape, color, value, form and texture. Our first projects will focus on the the use of lines in Art.
  • Throughout the year, I create a variety of activities including vocabulary, artworks, research, art criticism and more to help your child fall in love with Art and become the best artist that they can be.
  • Most of our activities are completed in sketchbooks that will come home at the end of each semester.

Questions? Please feel free to email The Art Bandit ( or follow me on Twitter (@theartbandit).

PTA Reflections is HERE!

It’s time again for the PTA Reflections Contest! This year’s theme is Heroes Around Me

Students can make drawings and paintings, take photos or write literature to showcase their amazing skills as an artist.

Artworks are due Wednesday, September 12. One artwork will be chosen in each category and grade level (K-2 or 3-5) as a winner to compete at the regional level.

Click HERE for extra entry forms and rules.

Welcome Back!

Hello! I am the Art Bandit and I am so excited for the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year! It’s going to be a great year in the Art Room at Bells Ferry. We are starting the year by making sketchbooks and decorating the covers of our books.

This month, I also have two artworks displayed at the “Art of the Art Teacher” art show at The Art Station in Kennesaw. Please come down to see what the Art Teachers in Cobb County are making!

The Art Bandit is back!

That’s right, Mrs. Bley is back at Bells Ferry and I have so many exciting things in store this year! For the next two weeks we will be reviewing the art classroom rules and expectations at Bells Ferry. We will also be spending time finishing any projects that were started with our fabulous supply teacher, Mrs. C.

I am so excited for the 2017-2018 school year! It’s going to be an amazing year at Bells Ferry!!!

It’s time for FORMS!

During the next week in Art, students will be working on their 3D form artworks. Most grade levels are creating a variety of 3-dimensional clay projects.

5th and 4th grade students used coils to make containers and sculptures.In 3rd grade, students used found object materials to create 3D doll forms. Over the next two weeks they will be using textiles and textures to complete their sculptures. Second graders created pinch pot jars after reading about the clay artworks of ceramics artists Juan Cezeda. Students will be glazing their artworks to complete their projects for a science-art connection. In 1st grade and kindergarten, students pinched and rolled coils to create 3D animal sculptures. Students will be painting and taking home their animals before the end of the year.

Keep an eye out for their amazing artworks!

Bells Ferry Airlines, cont.

This week, students are continuing their flights around the world.  So far, students have visited art museums from countries around the world, analyzed artworks, put together puzzles to learn about different areas of the world and learned art vocabulary including typeface, pattern, mixed media, Pop Art and Expressionism.  Here is a sneak peek of the artworks that we are making.


Save the Date to see our finished artworks at the Leadership of the Arts Night on Thursday, April 13.  

Art Around the World

For the month of March, Art students will be traveling around the globe to learn about art from other countries.  Each student has a passport and will travel to a new country, learn artist facts, research art and history before creating their artworks.  The finished artworks will be on display at the PTA Leadership of the Arts Night on Thursday, April 13.  Mark your calendars and get ready to explore art from around the world!

First Grade Guest Artist!

This fall, we had guest artist, come to first grade and share a fun lesson about shapes.  First, she reviewed with students the shapes that they know.  Then, students created collages from organic shapes to create their own alien forms.  We completed our artworks by adding wiggly eyes.  It was a fantastic day in Art at Bells Ferry!

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