We have been given an amazing gift to help your child continue this year with the skills they need to succeed.

IXL now includes not only Math but Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

Please use these resources while we have them.

Welcome 2018

Happy New Year

I hope everyone enjoyed their time off .  We have two quarters left before your children become 4th graders.  Please ensure they are keeping up with the IXL math skills and reading each day on Myon.

Report cards are coming home on Friday, 1/5/18.   Please sign the envelope, keep the report card, and return the envelope unsealed.


Food Drive



November 6-14, 2017


Nickajack will be collecting food items for The Center for Family Resources, which provides over 1,500 Thanksgiving baskets to Cobb families each year.  Thanksgiving week can be even more financially stressful when students are home from school for more than just the holiday meal.  Through participation in the annual Thanks for Giving food drive, our generous community captures the true spirit of Thanksgiving.  With harvesting hands and a helping heart, please consider donating one of the following items to our food drive:


  • Canned Gravy
  • Canned Cranberry Sauce
  • Canned Potatoes
  • Canned Green/Yellow Vegetables
  • Canned Pumpkin Pie Mix
  • Canned Milk
  • Canned Meat, Tuna, or Ham
  • Canned Fruit
  • Canned Soup


Beginning November 6th, please send any food items that you would like to donate to school with your child.  There will be collection barrels located outside the main office.  Thank you for your generosity!  If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Weber at 678-842-5814, ext. 230.Food Drive-1ksksgk

IXL for the week of 10/22/17

A.2 Even or odd: arithmetic rules
A.3 Skip-counting
A.4 Skip-counting puzzles
A.5 Number sequences
A.7 Write numbers in words
A.9 Compare numbers
A.10 Which number is greatest/least?
A.11 Order numbers
A.12 Comparing – with addition and subtraction
Some of these have already been assigned and completed. We will also been working on these in class.

American Indians Project

This project will be a way for your child to show self-motivation, creativity, and knowledge of an American Indian Tribe. There will be several requirements for the project, but much will be open to your child’s interpretation. I want the students to use his/her talents and interest as a mode for delivery of the information about the chosen tribe. For example, if your child is an amazing artist, they may choose to paint a picture incorporating the requirements into the paintings. If your child loves technology, they may choose to create a power point presentation or a video clip. If your child loves to act or dress up, they may choose to create a short skit incorporating the requirements.  Another idea would be for you child to create a comic strip or a “graphic novel” about the particular tribe.  I will be giving children examples of what I am expecting and some different ideas over the coming weeks.  The due date for this project is 10/16/17, Monday.

*Choose a specific American Indian Tribe

*Specify and describe or show the region that this tribe inhabited.  (southwest, northeast, plains, artic, etc. )

*include the typical dwelling, food, cultural aspects (such as art, important festivals, music, etc) and any other interesting information about your tribe.

*Make sure you know the information you are presenting to the class. (become an EXPERT on your tribe!)


Important: This project should be the student’s’ independent work.  This, however, does not mean messy, unorganized, or inaccurate work should be allowed.  Use this opportunity to show your child these things can be accomplishes, then let him/her revise or edit the work until it is something your child will be proud of.

The rubric includes

accurate region and tribe details included

Aspects of life accurately and adequately described.  (dwelling,way of life, food, cultural aspects, etc. )

Information was presented with an awareness of the student’s audience.

Presenter was an expert on the information presented in project.

October Conferences

Conferences will begin Monday, October 16, 2017.  I will be sending home invitations with the date and time.  Please let me know if you have any preferences for the date and time and I will do my best to accommodate you.