Math Vocabulary

Rounding: Underline the place value you are rounding.  If the number to the right is 0-4 the underlined value stays the same and everything behind it becomes a zero.  If it is 5-9  the value bumps up to the next larger number and all numbers behind it become zeros .

Properties of addition:

Commutative: you ca add numbers in any order and the sum will be the same 2 +7 = 7+2

Associative: Adding 3 numbers by grouping the numbers differently and the sum will still be same.  1+ (2+3) = (1 +2) +3

Identity: Any number plus 0 will be the original number.  0 + 52 = 52

Standard Form: Writing numbers with digits only 1, 256

Written/Word Form: Writing numbers using words

Expanded Form: Writing the number by adding the value of each digit.  1, 256 = 1000+200+50+6

Place Value: The value of a digit in a number ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones.



Message for the week of 8/20/18

I am excited to see the students using Math Prodigy.  It is a fun game atmosphere that will expose your child to the required curriculum. This is a free service.

Please remember Spelling test are each Friday morning and include the Vocabulary.

We complete spelling each day for Morning Work.  If your child completes the spelling at home they will have computer time in the a.m.

Monday: Write each word 3X each

Tuesday: Snake Words 2X

Wednesday: Rainbow Words 2X

Thursday: Ladder Words 2X

Math is completed each night.

Spelling and comprehension packet are due each Friday.

COGAT testing begins September 5.

IOWA testing begins September 13.

Fall Break begins Monday, September, 24, 2018.


Spelling 2018-2019

Each Friday your child will have a Spelling/Vocabulary Assessment. The test is taken on the computer at, in addition your child will be given sentences to complete using the spelling/vocabulary words.  They must use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, spell the spelling/vocabulary word correctly, and use the appropriate punctuation.

Please click below for the list.

Spelling/Vocbulary 2018-2019