Wrapping up Photoshop by the end of the week

Students are continuing to work on Photoshop. We will wrap up photoshop before we leave for Thanksgiving break this Friday. They will turn in their Motivational posters, where they chose two quotes they like and mean something to them and work with images to create a two posters in Photoshop. Towards the end of the week the students will  learn how to put images into letters which is also called masking. They will create one in Photoshop and the other they will need to go back to Illustrator to create.

Friday, November 16th, the students will have a quiz on their vocabulary and wrap up the words they learned for Photoshop.

When we return from break the students will begin their final journey in this class by learning how to use InDesign to bring all the pieces together by creating layouts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and restful break!

Mrs. H

Be the Ad

The students have been busy working in Photoshop practicing the tools they’ve learned over the past couple weeks. All classes have finished their Multiple Me project this past Wednesday and today, they handed in their note books and took a vocab quiz. After the vocab quiz, we reviewed what is expected for their next project. The students will be working on Be The Ad. This project each student will re-create an ad of their choosing, we will sit down and discuss and create a plan on how to plan out the project. Students will be taking all photos for their ad themselves or have a friend to help them. They will put themselves in the ad as well. They will learn how to use fonts, how to download new fonts and use them in their advertisement. The due date for this project is Friday, November 2nd by the end of class.

I’m looking forward to posting our class winners next week for the Fantasy Animals!

Until next time…

Mrs. H


Multiple Me Project

The students are starting to work on their multiple me assignment. On this assignment, students will decide how they’d like to tell a story through images. They will take at least 5 images of themselves from the same vanish point. Through these images they will tell a story. I will post a few from each class for my next weeks blog.

On another note: Missing assignments from the last 6 weeks will be accepted up until Tuesday, October, 30th. After this time, I will not accept late work unless you have set up a separate plan with me.

I’m excited to share the students work…until next week.


Mrs. H

Welcome Back from Fall Break!

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful break and took the time to relax!

Now that we are back, Monday the students will refresh their skills in Illustrator and create a color wheel. I have asked students to think outside of the box and not just use a wheel to create their assignment. It will be due at the end of class on Monday.

Tuesday each class will begin Photoshop. The will learn how to use layers in photoshop, selection tools, how to fix an image and how to create an image using a cartoon character to create a fun store with an image. The classes will be working on their first project of the Fantasy Animal, where they will combine three animals to create one new fantasy animal. This project is a contest and I will post the winners from each class! Project due at the end of class, Friday, October 5th!

Until next week,

Mrs. H

Wrap-up! Illustrator Final Project…

The students are working on their final major project in Illustrator to finish up the week. Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday and a notebook check. All classes will have a couple smaller assignments (color wheel & masking)  in Illustrator to complete when we return at the beginning of the week.

All classes will begin Photoshop after fall break! I know a lot of students are looking forward to Photoshop and learning how to manipulate photos!

Hope everyone has a relaxing and safe fall break!

Mrs. H

Illustrator continues…Yoga Posters

The students finished working on the Calligrams on Friday and this week they will kick it off with the Yoga posters! These two posters will count as two test grades. They will spend a lot of time using text, formatting text, repeating patterns, etc. I look forward to seeing how well they will do on this assignment.

I have spoke to each class to let them know that all grades have been entered into synergy. If your child is missing any assignments you will see a zero for their grade. The students know that have until Wednesday, September 12th end of day to turn any missing assignments from the first week. After this time, I will not accept those assignments and the zero grade will be their final grade for the assignment.

I am at school each morning by 7:30am and all students are welcome to come in and work on their missing work. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you,
Mrs. H

Illustrator – Typography

The students will learn about typography. They will review the different types of fonts – serif, san serif, script and display – just to name a few. They will learn the different parts of a character and other terms like tracking, leading and kerning. We will also review text box styles – left and right justified, centered, how to create a run around. Just about everything to do with text.

The students will come up with ideas for their calagrams, and ligature setup/pathfinder tools using their initials.

Later in the week, they will start their next large project – Yoga posters. This project counts for 2 test grades!

Until next time…

Mrs. H

Illustrator continues…Aquos

This week the students will be re-creating the AQUOS poster. We will review several tools and layers before they begin. It should be a great week to see how much they’ve learned and continue to learn when using Illustrator.

I will be entering students grades this week and will have everything up-to-date by the end of the week. The students have been given time to make up and complete any missing assignments each day. All students are aware that if they need extra time or want to come in the mornings for extra help that I am at school each day by 7:30am. I am available Monday & Wednesday after school until 4pm.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me at [email protected]


Thank you,

Mrs. H

Illustrator Intro – Aug. 20-24

The students will continue to grow in their knowledge of Illustrator.  The students are working with different tools to recreate robots, flowers, the screw driver and wrench, and cartoon line art.

During the classes this week:

Monday: Reviewing the copy/paste, sizing of objects and recreating the Screw Driver/Wrench. The students will attempt to build first. I will walk through instructions to build cut out in the wrench and how to build gears.

Tuesday: Review of the pen tool, working with lines and curves, recreating the apple assignment that will be turned in for a grade. I will walk through how to use the stroke  and adding arrow ends.

Wednesday: Pen tool has been a challenge for the students. Practicing on Line art and filling colors. Cartoon line art will help the students practice the pen tool and learn how to have better control when using the tool in Illustrator.

Thursday: Students will learn to use gradients, transform, layers. On their own they will create their name in Graffiti art.

Friday: The first large project! AQUOS. Students will build from scratch. Recreate – poster shown on overhead projector and images on wall.

The students will have gained a great deal of knowledge in Illustrator and use what they’ve learned to build Aquos!

Until next time…

Mrs. H

P.S. This Thursday is OPEN HOUSE at Harrison. I sent an email earlier this week to let everyone know that I would not be available due previous scheduled event. I’m sorry I will miss meeting everyone! If you need anything please feel free to email me anytime at [email protected]

Intro to Graphic Design – August 6-10

Intro to Graphic Design students have had a full week in my class. Everyone is getting settled into a routine, getting used to the procedures and how thing go this semester in the classroom.

A few topics we covered over the past week are:  1) History of Graphic Design/timeline assignment 2) GOLDS/printing processes and 3) Copyright and how it is important.

As we move into next week the students will learn about measurements in Graphic Design, Ethics and take their safety test on Wednesday, August 15th. Once all tests have been completed, we will start our adventure into ILLUSTRATOR!  This is what a lot of students have been ready to do since day one! 🙂  I am thankful for their patience!


Until next time…have a great weekend!