History, Ethics, Measurements, and Elements of Principles & Design

We have a busy week ahead…

The students will learn and get a quick review of the history of graphic design. During this time the students worked on pictographs in class as a group and came up with some amazing alphabets/pictures to create a sentence. This assignment was finished by the end of class and we moved into ethics, measurements, and ending the week with elements of principles and design.

Ethics – All blocks – review of ethics, copyright, trademark, registered – using artwork.

Measurements – All blocks – learned measurements used in graphic design – points and picas. Each student was given a worksheet to help reinforce and given examples with a ruler for measuring.

Elements of principles and design – The students reviewed each element/principle and then on their own the looked for ads that used warm, cool, neutral colors, symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance, unity, rhythm/repetition and pattern, emphasis, contrast and variety.

Next week we will cover printing, safety and jump into our first design program – Illustrator.


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