Fall Break

Please have all missing assignments turned in by Friday, September 22nd. After this date missing assignments will not be accepted for full credit.

We have finished lessons on Illustrator and will start Photoshop when we return from Fall Break. The students will have a test on Illustrator on Tuesday. We will review on the Monday after break!

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing fall break! See you when we get back!


Mrs. H

Wrapping up Typography

First, I want to say, I hope everyone made it through Hurricane Irma safely!

Tomorrow we will be back at school and the students from all blocks will have their Typography test. I will review with them before giving them the test since we’ve been out of school four days.

For the rest of the week, we will discuss using typography in advertisements, practice using tools learned in Illustrator, students will have a choice of picking two items from the list given. DUE DATE: Friday, September 15th.

Next week, we will wrap up Illustrator with the Mike’s Coffee ad



The students have been learning about typography for the past week. We have reviewed labels of the character – Cap line, ascender line, x-height, descender line, stem, bowl counter and serif. The also learned the different classifications for fonts – Serif, Sans serif, script and decorative. They used what they have learned to create their first name in Graffiti and now they are finishing up their Calligram using the program – Illustrator. I will be displaying their Graffiti in the halls this week.

We also reviewed the difference in alignments when using type. Putting text in an object, on a path, rotating type as a line, in a text box using alignment, and using different types families – bold, italic, condensed, light, etc. They can create definition, depth, and detail using fonts.

I am seeing so much creativity in the objects they chose and are recreating using words. It is amazing to see how they have pushing themselves to choose a bit more challenging objects and use what they’ve learned come to life.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!