Wow! Time is flying…and it is finally starting to feel like fall! 🙂

On Monday, we will start our A Novel Approach. The students will see what it is like to be like a true graphic designer working on a book cover. They will be given a synopsis of a book and title. They will need to research and get the feel of what the book is about from the synopsis and create a book cover. The will have 3 working days to complete the project – due date Wednesday, November 15th at the end of class.

Thursday and Friday are catch up days in class. The students will be able to complete missing assignments/projects that they are improving or have yet to turn in. They have until 3:30pm on Friday, November 17th to turn any missing assignment. After this time I will not accept an assignment from the first 12 weeks.

I hope everyone has a restful and joyous time with family during the Thanksgiving break!

Mrs. H