Illustrator lessons…

This week the students will continue to build their knowledge and learn how to use basic shapes to create objects and merge objects together using the pathfinder tool. They will continue to practice tracing to help perfect the pen tool, merging objects, moving items to the front and back and layers.

Assignments in class this week (Jan 29 – Feb 2nd) are the wrench and screw driver, apple and intro to color theory.


Week 4 Continued…

Safety test is complete! I’m so proud of all of the students!

All classes have started Illustrator! We will continue to learn the different tools and the students will work in class on assignments to help reinforce and practice using the tools.

Tools reviewed in Illustrator – pen tool, shapes, selection tool, direct selection, copy, paste, grouping, ungrouping, resizing, placing objects, etc.

Next week, the students will move forward working with basic shapes, line segments, joining paths, combining shapes, pathfinder effect, raster vs vector and more.


Week 4…back in the swing of things…

This week we are starting off with Safety and Health. We will review standards and procedures on how to be safe in the computer lab, around equipment, etc. The students will complete a work packet and review for the test! The test will be Wednesday, January 24th for all classes! Every students must receive a 100%! This is a requirement to be able to move into Illustrator!

Since we missed last week, I will work them in while using and learning Illustrator.

We will start Illustrator after the safety test on Wednesday.

Mrs. H

Measurements, GOLDS, Elements and Principles of Design

Next week, January 16-19 the classes will learn measurements in Graphic Design, GOLDS (printing processes) and Principles of Design.

On Tuesday & Wednesday the students will learn about measurements in Graphic Design – Points and Picas! They will also learn about pictographs and come up with their own alphabet and create a sentence. We will show in class to see how well we can interpret their sentences.

Thursday – GOLDS (printing processes) we will review different printing processes and how far we come with digital printing. The students will work on a GOLDS worksheet to reinforce what they’ve learned.

Friday -We will wrap up the week with Principles of Design.

Next up…Safety and Health!

Until next time…have a great week!

Mrs. H

First Full Week of Spring Semester

It has been great getting to meet my new students. We have reviewed the syllabus, materials needed and mac 101. The supply list is on the syllabus which you can find on my blog.

Next week, we will start looking into careers in graphics, history of graphic design, ethics and math and measurements. The students will have a few projects in class during the week to help support what they are learning in class.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. H

Welcome to a New Semester!


It’s a new year and time for our new semester to begin! This is my second semester here at Harrison teaching Intro to Graphic Design. I’m excited to meet all of my new students starting their journey into learning and becoming Graphic Designers!

Please feel free to reach out to me by email at [email protected] and remember to report to advisement first! I look forward to meeting you all on Thursday!


Mrs. H