Getting to know…PHOTOSHOP

This week the students have starting using some of the tools in Photoshop. They finished the lessons in Illustrator and took their final quiz in the program.

They reviewed all tools in Photoshop then have started with the top 4 tools. The movement tool, marquee, lasso and the magic wand. Next week, they will learn how to correct images using healing brush, spot heal, patch and then pattern stamp and clone stamp. The students will have several assignments to help them reinforce what they’ve learned.


Mrs. H


Wrap up Illustrator…PHOTOSHOP begins…

Students will wrap up Illustrator today, Monday, March 12th. They will finish their Mike’s Coffee poster. We will review for the Illustrator quiz on Wednesday, March 14th. REMINDER: Wednesday, March 14th is a half day. We will see how much time is left after the quiz and continue to move forward with Intro to Photoshop.

The students will review the tools and start learning how to build images in Photoshop…first up, the hamburger then heading to the pizza. After those simple, beginning assignments the students will learn the selection tool and finish the week learning how to fix images.

I know the students are excited to start Photoshop…can’t wait to see what they think!


Mrs. H

Illustrator – Masking & Mike’s Coffee

The students have completed the Yoga posters. They worked all week to get both finished before the weekend! 🙂

During the week of March 5th-9th they will learn how to do Masking, Color project and head into their final project in Illustrator Mike’s Coffee. We will see how the first couple days go and I will let you know when the Mike’s Coffee due date will be. Looking for them to be complete Friday, Oct 9th but most likely will be due – end of class on Monday, March 12th.

When this project is complete the students will move into learning about Photoshop…

One more thing – students that have missing work from the beginning of the semester will have until Friday, March 9th to complete their missing assignments. After that date – they will not be accepted.


Mrs. H