InDesign…Family Newsletter

This week the students will learn their last program in this Intro class. They will begin to work in InDesign. InDesign is a layout program where they will pull everything they have learned together. The first couple of days we will review the basic functions and get them started on their next assignment. A four page newsletter – they will design a masthead/name plate for their newsletter, come up with ideas for their articles/stories and write each one on their own.

I’m looking forward to seeing the topics each student comes up with and see how much they’ve learned. This project will be due Monday, May 7th at the end of class.

Any missing assignments must be turned in by Wednesday, May 16th for credit.



Mrs. H

Finishing Photoshop

The students have completed their recreation of their advertisement in BE THE AD. Putting themselves in the advertisement and recreating all elements from scratch. As we are moving to the end of Photoshop, the students will use what they have learned on A Novel Approach. They will be given a synopsis of a real novel. They will come up with a new book cover from how they interpret the information.

Next week, the students will have their final project in Photoshop, Multiple Me. They will take 5 pictures of themselves in the same setting. The images will tell a story and using Photoshop, they will place their images in one picture and make it look realistic.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the students work in my next blog.

Until then….

Mrs. H

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a relaxing break! We hit the ground running today. The students in each class will be begin their selection on BE THE AD. Each student will chose an existing ad to recreate. They have to put themselves within the ad when they recreate from scratch. Today the students submitted their selections and had them approved. Tomorrow they will be begin to take pictures and recreate the layout.

This project will count as a test grade and is due on Friday, April 13th at the end of class. Each student in all blocks received the information in their gmail account to create their project.

I’m excited to see how well they do on Friday!


Mrs. H