Our last two weeks of class!

This week I have made sure to update all grades for each class. So if you see a zero, I do not have your assignment. If you need to resubmit a old file you may do so if its from the last six weeks (from October 29th of later). I have told each class to make sure they are looking at their grades to see if they have any assignments are missing.

This week students will have begin working on their final project – Portfolio. Their portfolio will be due on Friday, December 14th and at the latest submitted on Monday, Dec. 17th if we run into printing issues. I have handed out their review packets for their final exam given either on Dec. 20th or 21st. We will review the packet on Tuesday, Dec. 18th. Students know they will be handing them in for a grade even if they are exempting this final.

Until next week….

Mrs. H

Let’s begin Indesign…

The students have started working in the final program they will learn this semester…InDesign. In this program, the students will learn how to create advertisements, a personal newsletter and their final project will be a portfolio. They will also see how the other two programs can be used as well when creating these last projects. This brings everything together. They will use photoshop for to edit images, they will create logos or use fun fonts and then bring what they’ve saved into their layout in InDesign.

All missing assignments will not be accepted after Friday, December 14th. Please take a look at your child’s grades and make sure they are on top on their assignments.


Thank you,

Mrs. H