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March 2019

Intro to Graphic & Design – Spring Break

All students in my intro classes have worked hard to make sure all assignments have been turned in before Spring Break. They have been told for 2 and a half weeks that will be the last day that I accept… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design & Production – Heading into Break…

Level two students have completed their branding project by creating a company logo, creating two branded items for their company – a Cereal Box and Soda Can. They are finishing the a two day design challenge by end of class… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic Design – Wrapping up Illustrator

Next week, we will wrap up Adobe Illustrator. The students have worked hard learning all the different tools, effects and techniques for them to be able to work in Illustrator confidently. Today they will complete Mike’s Coffee. This is a… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphics & Design

Students will complete their two Yoga posters this week that will be due on March 8th, end of class. Students will use the information that I have emailed them and work in class on this assignment. They will use the… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design & Production

Students have been working on their branding of a cereal box and drink can. They designed a logo for their own company first without knowing what the products. Once their company logo was complete, I gave them their products. The… Continue Reading →

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