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August 2019

Illustrator continues…

All blocks are working hard using the pen tool, creating shapes and making simple designs. During the Week of Aug. 26-30. They have created lines both straight and curved. Working with shapes and creating images using both lines/shapes. Moving into… Continue Reading →

Illustrator…let’s begin!

All students have taken their safety test and all have passed with a score of 100%! I am very proud of their hard work. All blocks have started using Adobe Illustrator. Students are learning how to use the different tools… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design – Back to the Basics

All of the Intro to Graphic Design classes have been super busy these past couple weeks. Assignments that have been shared with students by using their google drives and handouts given in class. We are wrapping up the week with… Continue Reading →

Welcome! Let’s get started…

Block’s 1, 3 & 4 are all Intro to Graphic Design. I spoke to students about my blog where to locate the blog, materials that they will need for this class and what they will learn from this class. Run… Continue Reading →

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