All of the Intro to Graphic Design classes have been super busy these past couple weeks.

Assignments that have been shared with students by using their google drives and handouts given in class. We are wrapping up the week with our safety test. Each student must receive a 100% to be able to move on and start Adobe Illustrator on Monday.

Each lesson we’ve completed since the start of school are listed below. I have shared all electronic files to the students on google drive. So if they have missed school they can look in their gmail account for school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Virtual Job Shadow
Graphic Timeline
GOLDS (Printing Process)
Shephard Fairey (Copyright Infringement Case)
Major Contributors
Design Principals

Please check with your child to make sure all assignments have been turned in. I have updated synergy for you to review.


Mrs. H.