Students needed extra time to complete their Aquo’s posters so while they were all getting caught up. Students who were finished worked on their Marvel comics and a tutorial on Super Mario. On Super Mario, they will be able to see how much they’ve learned using the pathfinder tool and how to create different shapes by merging them together as well as using the pen tool.
Students will have a sketchbook/notebook check along with their Vocab quiz on Friday, September 13th.

Students are moving into creating a simple calligram using 1 word to take the shape of an object. They will sketch 3 objects in their sketch books, choose the one they like the best and re-create it Illustrator using the pen tool and creating color patterns to place inside the letter shapes. This assignment is due Wednesday, Sept 11th. Extended to Friday, Sept. 13th

Towards the end of this week, students will begin their Yoga posters, they will learn the difference between point type, area type and type on a path. Students will create two art boards in Illustrator and work on the two posters. This project is worth 2 test grades. It will be important for the students to use layers, create patterns, gradients and format test. Details are very important on this project. This project will be due Wednesday, September 18th.

**Reminder – After Friday, September 13th is the last day I will accept any work from the first 6 weeks of school. I remind the students each day!


Mrs. H