Students have been working on their Yoga posters, they will learn the difference between point type, area type and type on a path. Students will create two art boards in Illustrator and work on the two posters. This project is worth 2 test grades. It will be important for the students to use layers, create patterns, gradients and format test. Details are very important on this project. This project will be due Monday, September 30th.*

We are a little over half way through learning Illustrator. Once we return from break, students will be using what they’ve learned about type and how to change and move text in Illustrator to create their next assignment. They will be working on a more advanced calligram. Starting with rough sketches to create ideas on what they would like to create as their final piece. Each student will meet with me to review their sketches and talk about the process. Once they’ve made a decision, at that time they will get on the computer to create their Calligram. The students will use different fonts to create shapes, lines of text to create depth to complete this assignment.

Moving forward students will learn about color theory. Basic primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. They will learn how you take primary colors and mix them together to get secondary colors and then to create tertiary colors. The students will have a complete understanding of colors and how this will benefit them moving forward in design. Students will move to the computer, learn how to build all of the colors needed for the color wheel in Illustrator. It will be a simple version. Once this is complete, students will receive their formal assessment project. They will come up with an idea for a color wheel, something that has meaning in their life and create a color wheel. The colors will need to be organized to show understanding of how colors relate and show the relation to a color wheel. Students will sketch out 3 ideas and color them. They will schedule a time to review their ideas with me and see which one will make the most sense and create their final idea in Illustrator and submit the final to me through email.

If at any time, you have questions, please do not hesitate to email me or see me before school.


Mrs. H