Wrapping up Illustrator…

Students are finishing their creative color wheels and snail tutorials by the end of class today, Friday, October 11th. Students have a Vocab #3 quiz on Monday, October 14th. Next week, they will start one of their last summative assignments in Illustrator – Mike’s Coffee, due Friday, October 18th. This is a recreation file – meaning they will look at a poster and recreate the poster from scratch. They will do their best to recreate the same poster from all the tools they have learned this past 6 weeks. They will use the pen tool, gradients, change shapes, shape edges and use the pathfinder tool to blend/unite shapes to create a new one. They will use a font to create the text, outline with a gradient and fill with an additional gradient. Students have one additional tutorial that will also be due on Friday, October 18th on geometric shapes.

The students will have one more assignment to work on at the beginning of the October 21st week. They will learn how to bring images into type/text. Creating a personal image into the letters of their name. Students love this assignment! All students will have a test on Illustrator to show what they’ve learned in Illustrator on Tuesday, October 22nd.

Photoshop will begin…Wednesday, October 23rd. I know several students are excited to begin in Photoshop.

Until next time,

Mrs. H.

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