Today the students completed their final challenge in Illustrator. They were given the challenge of designing a t-shirt design using what they’ve learned in Illustrator to create their design. They could choose one color or full color design. I am excited to see how creative they were and what each of them were able to create!

Monday is a big day! PHOTOSHOP!!!!!
Students have been looking forward to this for a couple weeks and they will jump right in on Monday, Oct. 28th! Each class will learn different tools and how Photoshop is different from Illustrator. They will start with small assignments and jump into the first large assignment midweek.

I informed the students starting this past Monday, Oct. 21st that the last day I will accept any late work from the past 6 weeks will be next, Friday, Nov. 1st. This info has been given to everyone and is written on the white board in class. 

Until next week…have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Mrs. H


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