Fantasy Animal – Photoshop

Students will begin their first major assignments in Photoshop today. They will choose a natural/realistic background and three animals that they will blend together to create a new fantasy animal. I always love to see how creative students can be in selecting animals to blend together. 🙂

All grades are up to date and I will no longer accept late assignments from the first 12 weeks. I gave extra time in all classes last week to allow them to work on late assignments to try and be able to submit the late work. Please encourage your child to turn in their assignments on time. I am here everyday before school by 7:30am and will stay after if your student approaches me to set up a time. I repeat this to the class daily and encourage them to turn in late work.

Upcoming Photoshop projects: Pop Art, Be the Ad and Multiple Me.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me by email:



Mrs. H

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