Graphic Design & Production – let’s begin..

Some of my level two students I have not seen in over a year. It is so nice to have them back in my classroom for another semester! We started out our class with a review on Lab Safety and they all took an updated test and scored a 100%.

We jumped into Adobe Photoshop and worked through some new tutorials to refresh their memory and get them acclimated. We worked through 1 each day and then the students were assigned a their first project….2020 Calendar. Students had to select a theme for their year calendar and edit every image they are using for each month. Students will show me their original images and edited versions for complete credit. Due Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020.

Thank you,

Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic Design – Copyright & Safety

This week the students will learn about Copyright and be prepared to write a paper on the Graphic/Street Artist Shepard Fairey. They will decide if he violated copyright laws when creating his President Obama Hope poster or if they feel it was fair use. I am interested to see what they think and which side they choose. 🙂

We will end the week with Lab Safety. Each student has completed a thorough packet on safety and learned about PPE, MSDS sheets, first aid, etc. Each student must score a 100% to move forward next week as we will begin Adobe Illustrator.

Until next week…

Mrs. H