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February 2020

Graphic Design & Production – Branding/Package Design

Students are working on their Branding logo for their own company. Once they have finished creating their logo. They will create 2 designs, one for a cereal box with an audience of pre-teens (10-13). Thinking of their customer they will… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic Design…Major Assignments

Students have completed their Aquo’s poster. They have practiced the tools they’ve learned to re-create the Aquo’s poster. Using gradients, patterns, text, pathfinder and more. Students continue to gain knowledge and learn their way around Adobe Illustrator. As we move… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic Design – Illustrator

This past week students have been using Adobe Illustrator. They have learned how to select, move objects, use the shapes tool and use the pen tool. The students are practicing to help re-enforce what they’ve learned this week and master… Continue Reading →

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