Measurement in Graphics & Adobe Creative Suite Download

As we wrapped up this week, students learned about measurement in Graphic Design. Students now know about Picas, Points and Inches, all the measurements used in Graphic Design. Students will use inches to measure sizes of paper or size documents within design programs, and they will use Picas and Points when sizing Type, Strokes and Leading.

Students wrapped up the week, catching up on their classwork assignments and given the assignment of trying to download the Adobe Creative Suite. Students will try to download the applications and depending on their computer they have will determine if it is possible or not. Either way we will be starting Adobe Illustrator or Vectr/Inkscape on Tuesday, Sept 8th. Students know once they attempt this and regardless of the outcome, they are to answer the questionaire under the Adobe Creative Suite digital session. This will help me gauge where to start.

Hope everyone has a relaxing holiday weekend!

Mrs. H

P.S. Do not forget – Block 1 starts at 8:20am starting Tuesday, Sept 8th

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