Adobe Illustrator and Vectr begin….

Even though this was a short week the students have been able to get started with Adobe Illustrator and Vectr.
My Illustrator group – Students now know how to use the selection tool, direct select tool, create shapes (squares, rectangles, circles, stars, polygons), change corners on squares/rectangles, send objects to the back and bring to front, copy/paste, group/ungroup, use color swatches in fill/stroke and began using the pen tool today.
My Vectr crew – learned how to create shapes, use layers to move objects to the front and back, how to export their design, use all shapes (square, rounded edge square, circle, icons), and start using the pen tool to create a simple flower for their in class assignment.

Next week, students will start working on building their skills in both Adobe Illustrator and Vectr. Simple assignments to encourage their creativity and skill.

***Important REMINDER – I will not accept any files after Wednesday, Sept. 16th of work we completed from Aug. 17-Sept 4th. 
These files include: Both Virtual Job Shadow assignments, Major Contributors of Graphic Design, Reading A Ruler – Inches, Picas & Points, Measuring Worksheet, GOLDS printing processes, History of Graphic Design Timeline, Copyright Vocab & Scenarios and Copyright in Music Infringement.

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