Yoga Posters -Adobe Illustrator & Vectr

This week students will be working on one of their biggest assignments. They will be recreating 2 yoga posters that will count for 2 Test grades. Students will need to pay attention to detail on this assignment. Making sure they include all parts, each layer has the correct parts included, etc. We will walk through each layer during our time together in class and written instructions are included in CTLS. Every day something new will be added to give extra support for each poster.

I look forward to seeing how far the students have come in learning AI and Vectr. We are close to finishing up Illustrator to move on to InDesign.

As always, if your child needs extra help or support, please have them reach out during the last 10 minutes of class each day or set up a time to meet after school.

Mrs. H

Late Assignments – Last submission date 10/23/2020

During our classes last week, I let all students in all three Introduction to Graphic Design classes that the last day to turn in late assignments is this upcoming Friday, October 23rd. Please check with your child to make sure they are keeping up with their class assignments. I have spoke to all students about late assignments and have reached out to those students parents to keep them up to date.

All assignments must be turned in/submitted through CTLS on each assignment. Please have your student reach out if they have any questions about any assignments that they have missing.

Mrs. H

Welcome back from Fall Break…

Hope everyone had a great fall break and are ready to get to work!

On Monday, we will begin Aquos. It will take 4 days to complete. We will review layers, gradients, etc. I will give students time to work and ask questions. Both Adobe Illustrator and Vectr will build this poster. Students will concentrate on using what they’ve learned on colors – gradients, layers, using the pen tool to create daisies, patterns, place type, use the pathfinder tool to create new shapes to create the logo for the can and logo for the poster and name layers correctly.

I am excited to see how well everyone will do on this assignment!

Mrs. H

Illustrator/Vectr – Major Assignments

This week students will begin assignments in Adobe Illustrator/Vectr that will count towards Major Assignments. These assignments will be placed into their Portfolios at the end of the semester. The students will be amazed to see at the end of the semester how far they’ve come in a short bit of time.

I have told students to start placing all assignments that they have completed and turned to place their files into their Google Drive folder. We created this folder at the beginning of the semester titled – Intro to Graphic Design. Please remind students to keep this updated so they can access files when they return to school.

As we head into break, please take your time to relax and enjoy your time away from school.

Be ready to work when we return!

Mrs. H

Adobe Illustrator and Vectr begin….

Even though this was a short week the students have been able to get started with Adobe Illustrator and Vectr.
My Illustrator group – Students now know how to use the selection tool, direct select tool, create shapes (squares, rectangles, circles, stars, polygons), change corners on squares/rectangles, send objects to the back and bring to front, copy/paste, group/ungroup, use color swatches in fill/stroke and began using the pen tool today.
My Vectr crew – learned how to create shapes, use layers to move objects to the front and back, how to export their design, use all shapes (square, rounded edge square, circle, icons), and start using the pen tool to create a simple flower for their in class assignment.

Next week, students will start working on building their skills in both Adobe Illustrator and Vectr. Simple assignments to encourage their creativity and skill.

***Important REMINDER – I will not accept any files after Wednesday, Sept. 16th of work we completed from Aug. 17-Sept 4th. 
These files include: Both Virtual Job Shadow assignments, Major Contributors of Graphic Design, Reading A Ruler – Inches, Picas & Points, Measuring Worksheet, GOLDS printing processes, History of Graphic Design Timeline, Copyright Vocab & Scenarios and Copyright in Music Infringement.

Measurement in Graphics & Adobe Creative Suite Download

As we wrapped up this week, students learned about measurement in Graphic Design. Students now know about Picas, Points and Inches, all the measurements used in Graphic Design. Students will use inches to measure sizes of paper or size documents within design programs, and they will use Picas and Points when sizing Type, Strokes and Leading.

Students wrapped up the week, catching up on their classwork assignments and given the assignment of trying to download the Adobe Creative Suite. Students will try to download the applications and depending on their computer they have will determine if it is possible or not. Either way we will be starting Adobe Illustrator or Vectr/Inkscape on Tuesday, Sept 8th. Students know once they attempt this and regardless of the outcome, they are to answer the questionaire under the Adobe Creative Suite digital session. This will help me gauge where to start.

Hope everyone has a relaxing holiday weekend!

Mrs. H

P.S. Do not forget – Block 1 starts at 8:20am starting Tuesday, Sept 8th

Printing Process/GOLDS & Major Contributors to Graphic Design

***All assignments are in CTLS and will be submitted under the digital session Printing Process/GOLDS and Major Contributors under assignment lessons.

Students will learning about 5 different printing processes – GOLDS! We will review information and watch videos showing each printing process to reinforce understanding. Students will complete this assignment and upload under lesson assignments within the Digital session Printing Process GOLDS.

Major Contributors will be introduced to students and they will research additional contributors and complete a worksheet and submit under the digital session Printing Process & Major Contributors under lesson assignments – Major Contributors.

Looking to End the week with Measurement in Graphic Design and Safety.

History of Graphic Design….Copyright & Ethics

During our second week of virtual learning – students have created a History of Graphic Design timeline from 29 stand out events in Graphic Design. Students could create the timeline in any program they choose as long as they could attach/upload into CTLS for me to be able to view.

Copyright and Ethics – Students will review vocabulary, videos over Copyright in Graphics/Advertising, etc. We will then explore copyright infringement in Music. Comparing popular lawsuits from original artists suing upcoming artists for copyright infringement.

Zoom outage…how to work around

Today, our first few classes experienced a ZOOM outage and we were not able to meet in our Live Session. I worked to communicate with my students in Block 1 & 3 through REMIND to let them know how they could work on their in-class assignment. My Block 4 was able to meet today in our live session, they were able to start on their History of Graphic Design assignment as well. If anyone missed class or our REMIND instructions or not able to locate the assignment on CTLS. Please have them email me –

If your student has not signed up for REMIND, please have them do so immediately. They can locate the code for the each Block on their class page in CTLS.

Introductions to Graphic Design First Week

We have made it through 4 days of classes in CTLS Live Sessions. Each block 1, 3 & 4, have had to work through minor issues but everyone seems to have caught on.

Each student has reviewed and accomplished:

•  Class Syllabus
•  CTLS Virtual Classroom Expectations – Digital Citizenship HHS (attached)
•  Name/Username in Zoom Change instructions (attached)
•  Set up their gmail email/google drive -communication/storage for large  graphic design files
•  Signed up for Remind – communication, reminders

For the first week of school 8.17-8.21 – Students have 3 assignments – questionaire emailed to teacher, Virtual Job Shadow Part A submitted through CTLS, Virtual Job Shadow Part B research emailed to gmail. All submitted by Sunday, Aug. 24th.

All students know how to get in-touch with me if they are having trouble logging in to our live session, times available for extra help and how to reach out if they are absent and need to follow up for missed class instruction.

For Monday, Aug 24th students need to have their class supplies – a 9×12 sketchbook, pencils, color pencils/markers and a flash drive (that you can purchase at a later date if needed).

HHS digital citizenship