Happy Thanksgiving!

Students have been given their last assignment in Photoshop – Be the Ad. Students selected from Album covers, movie covers/posters, book covers or advertisements from a magazine. Students will make their decision on what ad they will recreate before their Thanksgiving break. This will give them time to take the photographs of themselves they will need to recreate their ad.

When the students return from break, they should have their images ready to recreate their advertisement. They will recreate the same size advertisement that they chose to remake. The project is due Wednesday, Dec. 4th.

Hope everyone has a relaxing and memorable Thanksgiving break!

Mrs. H

Fantasy Animal – Photoshop

Students will begin their first major assignments in Photoshop today. They will choose a natural/realistic background and three animals that they will blend together to create a new fantasy animal. I always love to see how creative students can be in selecting animals to blend together. 🙂

All grades are up to date and I will no longer accept late assignments from the first 12 weeks. I gave extra time in all classes last week to allow them to work on late assignments to try and be able to submit the late work. Please encourage your child to turn in their assignments on time. I am here everyday before school by 7:30am and will stay after if your student approaches me to set up a time. I repeat this to the class daily and encourage them to turn in late work.

Upcoming Photoshop projects: Pop Art, Be the Ad and Multiple Me.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me by email: tracey.hotchkiss@cobbk12.org



Mrs. H


Today the students completed their final challenge in Illustrator. They were given the challenge of designing a t-shirt design using what they’ve learned in Illustrator to create their design. They could choose one color or full color design. I am excited to see how creative they were and what each of them were able to create!

Monday is a big day! PHOTOSHOP!!!!!
Students have been looking forward to this for a couple weeks and they will jump right in on Monday, Oct. 28th! Each class will learn different tools and how Photoshop is different from Illustrator. They will start with small assignments and jump into the first large assignment midweek.

I informed the students starting this past Monday, Oct. 21st that the last day I will accept any late work from the past 6 weeks will be next, Friday, Nov. 1st. This info has been given to everyone and is written on the white board in class. 

Until next week…have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Mrs. H


Wrapping up Illustrator…

Students are finishing their creative color wheels and snail tutorials by the end of class today, Friday, October 11th. Students have a Vocab #3 quiz on Monday, October 14th. Next week, they will start one of their last summative assignments in Illustrator – Mike’s Coffee, due Friday, October 18th. This is a recreation file – meaning they will look at a poster and recreate the poster from scratch. They will do their best to recreate the same poster from all the tools they have learned this past 6 weeks. They will use the pen tool, gradients, change shapes, shape edges and use the pathfinder tool to blend/unite shapes to create a new one. They will use a font to create the text, outline with a gradient and fill with an additional gradient. Students have one additional tutorial that will also be due on Friday, October 18th on geometric shapes.

The students will have one more assignment to work on at the beginning of the October 21st week. They will learn how to bring images into type/text. Creating a personal image into the letters of their name. Students love this assignment! All students will have a test on Illustrator to show what they’ve learned in Illustrator on Tuesday, October 22nd.

Photoshop will begin…Wednesday, October 23rd. I know several students are excited to begin in Photoshop.

Until next time,

Mrs. H.


Students have been working on their Yoga posters, they will learn the difference between point type, area type and type on a path. Students will create two art boards in Illustrator and work on the two posters. This project is worth 2 test grades. It will be important for the students to use layers, create patterns, gradients and format test. Details are very important on this project. This project will be due Monday, September 30th.*

We are a little over half way through learning Illustrator. Once we return from break, students will be using what they’ve learned about type and how to change and move text in Illustrator to create their next assignment. They will be working on a more advanced calligram. Starting with rough sketches to create ideas on what they would like to create as their final piece. Each student will meet with me to review their sketches and talk about the process. Once they’ve made a decision, at that time they will get on the computer to create their Calligram. The students will use different fonts to create shapes, lines of text to create depth to complete this assignment.

Moving forward students will learn about color theory. Basic primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. They will learn how you take primary colors and mix them together to get secondary colors and then to create tertiary colors. The students will have a complete understanding of colors and how this will benefit them moving forward in design. Students will move to the computer, learn how to build all of the colors needed for the color wheel in Illustrator. It will be a simple version. Once this is complete, students will receive their formal assessment project. They will come up with an idea for a color wheel, something that has meaning in their life and create a color wheel. The colors will need to be organized to show understanding of how colors relate and show the relation to a color wheel. Students will sketch out 3 ideas and color them. They will schedule a time to review their ideas with me and see which one will make the most sense and create their final idea in Illustrator and submit the final to me through email.

If at any time, you have questions, please do not hesitate to email me or see me before school.


Mrs. H

Make up/deadlines – Illustrator/ Vocab Quiz

Today most of my Intro to Graphic Design classes had a max of 14 students in them due to the events over the last couple days. Those who were in attendance on Friday, September 13th have turned in their assignments that were due today and have taken their Vocab 2 quiz. Students who missed will be expected to take their quiz and finalize any late assignments for final turn in Monday, Sept. 16th. Students have been aware of the deadline and vocab quiz for over a week. They all have in information they need to prepare for their quiz. Monday, Sept. 16th will be the last day I will accept any assignments from the first 6 weeks of class.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, September 16th.


Mrs. H

Aquos and beyond…

Students needed extra time to complete their Aquo’s posters so while they were all getting caught up. Students who were finished worked on their Marvel comics and a tutorial on Super Mario. On Super Mario, they will be able to see how much they’ve learned using the pathfinder tool and how to create different shapes by merging them together as well as using the pen tool.
Students will have a sketchbook/notebook check along with their Vocab quiz on Friday, September 13th.

Students are moving into creating a simple calligram using 1 word to take the shape of an object. They will sketch 3 objects in their sketch books, choose the one they like the best and re-create it Illustrator using the pen tool and creating color patterns to place inside the letter shapes. This assignment is due Wednesday, Sept 11th. Extended to Friday, Sept. 13th

Towards the end of this week, students will begin their Yoga posters, they will learn the difference between point type, area type and type on a path. Students will create two art boards in Illustrator and work on the two posters. This project is worth 2 test grades. It will be important for the students to use layers, create patterns, gradients and format test. Details are very important on this project. This project will be due Wednesday, September 18th.

**Reminder – After Friday, September 13th is the last day I will accept any work from the first 6 weeks of school. I remind the students each day!


Mrs. H

Illustrator continues…

All blocks are working hard using the pen tool, creating shapes and making simple designs. During the Week of Aug. 26-30. They have created lines both straight and curved. Working with shapes and creating images using both lines/shapes. Moving into the end of the week the students will start Aquo’s.
This will be their first major assignment in this class using Illustrator. They will use what they’ve learned so far to rebuild this poster. They will learn how important layers are and how the simple assignments they’ve been working on has prepared them to create this project.


They will finish this major assignment on Wednesday, September 4th. They also have marvel characters they are working on during their downtime and to help them master the pen tool. So excited to see their efforts come alive!


Have a great holiday weekend, stay safe and I’ll see y’all when we get back Tuesday, September 3rd.

Mrs. H

Illustrator…let’s begin!

All students have taken their safety test and all have passed with a score of 100%! I am very proud of their hard work.

All blocks have started using Adobe Illustrator. Students are learning how to use the different tools within Illustrator to create shapes, lines, how to change placement, fill and outline with color. The plan for this week:

Monday 8/19: Learning the Selection, Direct select and Start the pen tool
Tuesday 8/20: Learning how to create different shapes – circles, rectangles, polygons and star shapes. Create a doll out of required shapes.
Wednesday 8/21: Using shapes and pen tool to create simple cartoons.Select 3 out of 4 give, research and find one on your own-trace and fill with colors.
Thursday 8/22: Continue and complete cartoons, email completed files for credit.
Friday 8/23: Marvel Comics -using the pen tool, and learn how to use image trace. First Vocab quiz!

The students will be continuing to build their working knowledge in Illustrator and recreating images by using the tools they have learned up to this point. I look forward to seeing how creative each students becomes as they become more comfortable using each tool.

Until next time,

Mrs. H

Graphic Design – Back to the Basics

All of the Intro to Graphic Design classes have been super busy these past couple weeks.

Assignments that have been shared with students by using their google drives and handouts given in class. We are wrapping up the week with our safety test. Each student must receive a 100% to be able to move on and start Adobe Illustrator on Monday.

Each lesson we’ve completed since the start of school are listed below. I have shared all electronic files to the students on google drive. So if they have missed school they can look in their gmail account for school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Virtual Job Shadow
Graphic Timeline
GOLDS (Printing Process)
Shephard Fairey (Copyright Infringement Case)
Major Contributors
Design Principals

Please check with your child to make sure all assignments have been turned in. I have updated synergy for you to review.


Mrs. H.