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Fall 2019 Semester Intro

Happy Thanksgiving!

Students have been given their last assignment in Photoshop – Be the Ad. Students selected from Album covers, movie covers/posters, book covers or advertisements from a magazine. Students will make their decision on what ad they will recreate before their… Continue Reading →

Fantasy Animal – Photoshop

Students will begin their first major assignments in Photoshop today. They will choose a natural/realistic background and three animals that they will blend together to create a new fantasy animal. I always love to see how creative students can be… Continue Reading →


Today the students completed their final challenge in Illustrator. They were given the challenge of designing a t-shirt design using what they’ve learned in Illustrator to create their design. They could choose one color or full color design. I am… Continue Reading →

Wrapping up Illustrator…

Students are finishing their creative color wheels and snail tutorials by the end of class today, Friday, October 11th. Students have a Vocab #3 quiz on Monday, October 14th. Next week, they will start one of their last summative assignments… Continue Reading →


Students have been working on their Yoga posters, they will learn the difference between point type, area type and type on a path. Students will create two art boards in Illustrator and work on the two posters. This project is… Continue Reading →

Make up/deadlines – Illustrator/ Vocab Quiz

Today most of my Intro to Graphic Design classes had a max of 14 students in them due to the events over the last couple days. Those who were in attendance on Friday, September 13th have turned in their assignments… Continue Reading →

Aquos and beyond…

Students needed extra time to complete their Aquo’s posters so while they were all getting caught up. Students who were finished worked on their Marvel comics and a tutorial on Super Mario. On Super Mario, they will be able to… Continue Reading →

Illustrator continues…

All blocks are working hard using the pen tool, creating shapes and making simple designs. During the Week of Aug. 26-30. They have created lines both straight and curved. Working with shapes and creating images using both lines/shapes. Moving into… Continue Reading →

Illustrator…let’s begin!

All students have taken their safety test and all have passed with a score of 100%! I am very proud of their hard work. All blocks have started using Adobe Illustrator. Students are learning how to use the different tools… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design – Back to the Basics

All of the Intro to Graphic Design classes have been super busy these past couple weeks. Assignments that have been shared with students by using their google drives and handouts given in class. We are wrapping up the week with… Continue Reading →

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