Illustrator Intro – Aug. 20-24

The students will continue to grow in their knowledge of Illustrator.  The students are working with different tools to recreate robots, flowers, the screw driver and wrench, and cartoon line art.

During the classes this week:

Monday: Reviewing the copy/paste, sizing of objects and recreating the Screw Driver/Wrench. The students will attempt to build first. I will walk through instructions to build cut out in the wrench and how to build gears.

Tuesday: Review of the pen tool, working with lines and curves, recreating the apple assignment that will be turned in for a grade. I will walk through how to use the stroke  and adding arrow ends.

Wednesday: Pen tool has been a challenge for the students. Practicing on Line art and filling colors. Cartoon line art will help the students practice the pen tool and learn how to have better control when using the tool in Illustrator.

Thursday: Students will learn to use gradients, transform, layers. On their own they will create their name in Graffiti art.

Friday: The first large project! AQUOS. Students will build from scratch. Recreate – poster shown on overhead projector and images on wall.

The students will have gained a great deal of knowledge in Illustrator and use what they’ve learned to build Aquos!

Until next time…

Mrs. H

P.S. This Thursday is OPEN HOUSE at Harrison. I sent an email earlier this week to let everyone know that I would not be available due previous scheduled event. I’m sorry I will miss meeting everyone! If you need anything please feel free to email me anytime at

Intro to Graphic Design – August 6-10

Intro to Graphic Design students have had a full week in my class. Everyone is getting settled into a routine, getting used to the procedures and how thing go this semester in the classroom.

A few topics we covered over the past week are:  1) History of Graphic Design/timeline assignment 2) GOLDS/printing processes and 3) Copyright and how it is important.

As we move into next week the students will learn about measurements in Graphic Design, Ethics and take their safety test on Wednesday, August 15th. Once all tests have been completed, we will start our adventure into ILLUSTRATOR!  This is what a lot of students have been ready to do since day one! 🙂  I am thankful for their patience!


Until next time…have a great weekend!


End of our first week back

It was so nice to see the smiling faces return to school! Having my past students stop by to visit me, made my day! It was awesome to see all of you!

As I’ve welcomed a whole new set of faces in all four blocks of Intro to Graphics & Design, we hit the ground running. Our class reviewed the syllabus (link below), created gmail email accounts to turn receive projects/turn in assignments, reviewed Mac 101, and covered Careers through Virtual Job Shadow.

Next week, we will get started on the History of Graphic Design and the students will find dates for events given to them and create a timeline using programs they are already familiar with using. This assignment will take a 2 1/2 classes to complete. They will submit their projects to me through gmail. Hoping to end the week with ethics, measurements, and GOLDS/Printing.

On Monday, if the students can bring their notebook or 3 ring binder with notebook paper that would be great! They will begin to learn vocabulary that they will use during this class and as they continue on the Graphic Design Pathway. If you are looking to donate materials to the class, I would greatly appreciate clorox wipes, tissues and hand sanitizer.

If you have questions please feel free to email me at or leave a message on my classroom phone. I do not answer the phone during the day but will do my best to return calls at the end of the school day. I’m looking forward to a great semester with all of my students!



Tracey Hotchkiss


Syllabus Fall 2018 Intro to Graphic Design

Welcome Back! Fall 2018 Intro to Graphic Design

Welcome back!

This fall semester I will start my 2nd year at Harrison and continue to teach Introduction to Graphic Design classes. By teaching the introduction level class, this will help grow the graphic design program at HHS and let Carey Ward teach the advanced/upper level Graphic Design courses so our students will receive a greater understanding of Graphic Design.

Please feel free to reach out to me by email at

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on Wednesday, August 1st!