Intro to Graphic Design – Photoshop

Students are in the thick of learning how to use Adobe Photoshop. They have completed their fantasy animals, multiple me and pop art. Their next large project will be BE THE AD. They will choose an advertisement, dvd cover, album cover of their choosing and recreate it with themselves in the ad. Once they decide on which advertisement they’d like to recreate, we will meet and discuss ways for them to be successful and how they can create a plan to complete their project.

Students will move into learning Adobe InDesign May 6th and will be working on their last two projects for the semester. Students will have a final exam in this class and can expect to receive a review packet during this week.

Until next time…

Mrs. H

Graphic Design & Production – Heading into Break…

Level two students have completed their branding project by creating a company logo, creating two branded items for their company – a Cereal Box and Soda Can. They are finishing the a two day design challenge by end of class today and will start a final assignment of creating a Magazine cover before we leave for Spring break.

Once we return the will come back to a major assignment, creating a board game from scratch. All details will be given once they return from break. I am looking forward to seeing how creative they will be and what type of games they come up with and how well they complete the project.

Until next week…

Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic Design – Wrapping up Illustrator

Next week, we will wrap up Adobe Illustrator. The students have worked hard learning all the different tools, effects and techniques for them to be able to work in Illustrator confidently. Today they will complete Mike’s Coffee. This is a recreation of a poster that are placed around the room.

Their final project before break will be creating a color wheel but not using a wheel. Students will sketch 3 ideas on how to create a new color wheel. They will need to use primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The project will be due Thursday, March 28th at the end of class.

After break, we will introduce Adobe Photoshop…

Intro to Graphics & Design

Students will complete their two Yoga posters this week that will be due on March 8th, end of class. Students will use the information that I have emailed them and work in class on this assignment. They will use the tools they have learned up until now to create both posters. The focus is not only to recreate the yoga posters but to pay attention to using layers and putting the correct items on each layer.

Next week, students will learn about typography – parts of a character, font family, style and work on graffiti of your names.


Mrs. H

Graphic Design & Production – Welcome Back

Welcome Back! Hope everyone enjoyed their week break!

As we get back into the groove…students will wrap up their Business Restaurant logo by end of class Monday. I think the students are looking forward to seeing what their “business clients” think of their logos for their new restaurants!

Tuesday, we will begin a section on Branding. What is branding? How to come up with a logo for their brand using 3 colors! I don’t want to give to much of this assignment away. So I will update in a few days! 🙂

If you are missing any assignments the last day to turn in assignments up until now will be Friday, March 1st. After this time, I will not accept any files from the beginning of the semester until now.


Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic & Design – Welcome Back from Winter Break

Welcome Back! Hope everyone had a restful and relaxing break.

This week the students will be starting a new assignment. They will learn how to place text on a path, or inside an object or inside an object. They will learn about Calligrams and come up with their own ideas and create their own for a major assignment. I look forward to seeing how creative they will be with this opportunity. This assignment is due, end of class – Friday, March 1st.

On Tuesday, students will have their 2nd vocab quiz and I will collect their Graphic and Design notebook. The students have been reminded and should be all set!

Our next large assignment will be the Yoga posters. They will recreate two posters for a yoga studio in Illustrator. They will be shown how to create two art boards in illustrator to begin their assignment. This assignment will count as 2 test grades. Due end of class March 8th.

One more important item!  March 6th, will be the last day I will accept late files for anything created in Illustrator.
Flower, Doll, Wrench & Screwdriver, Apple, simple cartoons and Marvel Comics cartoons.



Mrs. H

Graphic Design & Production – End of 6 weeks

I can’t believe how fast the first six weeks of this Spring semester has flown by! The students have been having fun making notepads, using the heat press to make t-shirts, creating logos for a Harrison Graphic Design – screen press design contest (top 3 from block 3 and 4 were chosen), and creating infographic resume.

Level 2 will wrap the week up by meeting with a client (which is a student) to create a logo for their restaurant. The design student will meet with the client and take notes on what they would like their logo to look like, choice of colors, font choices, and style. The designer will need to create a logo to please their clients not just create something that they like. This should be a great first challenge for this class. I am looking forward to seeing how well they do and hear their feedback about the experience.

I hope everyone has a very enjoyable and relaxing break! See you then…


Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic Design – End of 6 weeks

Hope everyone has a safe and restful Winter break!

All of the Intro classes have worked hard on their in-class assignments. Students started their Aquos poster today in class. They are learning how to use gradients, use the pen tool to create new shapes and how to use layers. They are learning how important it is to use layers to create an easier more efficient working space.

Assignments/Quiz for this week:
UPDATE/CHANGE – Tuesday, Feb. 26th – Vocab Quiz 2
Friday, Feb 15th – Aquo’s poster
Friday, Feb 15h – Any late assignments (apple, screwdriver & wrench, comics and Marvel comics)

Felt the students would enjoy the break a bit more knowing everything was wrapped up before break and return with a fresh start!


Mrs. H

Graphic Design & Production – Weeks 4 & 5

During this time the students have worked on a design to put on their own t-shirt using the heat press. They worked on an image in Illustrator or Indesign to create an image to print onto transfer paper then heat press the design onto a shirt they brought in from home. All of the students did a great job!

The next assignment was to create a Harrison Graphic Design logo/graphic to screen print onto a shirt. Everyone came up with at least one idea for the contest, The third block level 2 students voted on our classes designs and my level 2 class voted for Mr. Ward’s level 2 class. The winners from both classes will be made into screens and each student in level 2 can pick which design they would like to put onto a t-shirt for themselves to keep!

We ended the week with each student writing a resume of their information. Now they are being challenged with creating a Infographic resume from the information from the written version. This assignment is due – Tuesday, Feb. 12th.

Until next time…

Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic Design – Week 4 & 5

For the last couple weeks the students in Intro to Graphic Design have been working hard learning the pen tool, copy, paste, how to build a new color, gradients, and the pathfinder tool to merge shapes together. They have practiced creating robots, flowers, simple cartoons to more complex marvel comics.

The students are working very hard trying to master the tools. Next week they will work on the Aquos poster. They will use everything they have learned so far to create the poster. They will definitely be challenged and I am looking forward to what they can do!

Until next time…


Mrs. H