Welcome back from Fall Break…

Hope everyone had a great fall break and are ready to get to work!

On Monday, we will begin Aquos. It will take 4 days to complete. We will review layers, gradients, etc. I will give students time to work and ask questions. Both Adobe Illustrator and Vectr will build this poster. Students will concentrate on using what they’ve learned on colors – gradients, layers, using the pen tool to create daisies, patterns, place type, use the pathfinder tool to create new shapes to create the logo for the can and logo for the poster and name layers correctly.

I am excited to see how well everyone will do on this assignment!

Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic Design – Photoshop – POP ART

April 20th, 2020

The next assignment in Photoshop is one of my favorites! Learning how to create POP ART from an original image of your choice. I have sent out the email to everyone in both classes of Intro. I have also shared the folder for the pop art assignment in the google drive. In the email you will see a video on basic color theory (please watch), the assignment details, two tutorials in Photoshop (for those using Photoshop not Photopea). In the Google drive you will find two videos from Mr. Ward (a welcome back and tutorial in Photopea). If you are confused or have questions, please email me and I will get back to you. Please let me know which program you are using so I can give you correct feedback and help.

Assignment due date is Friday, April 24th. If you need additional time, please email me. I am working on setting up a zoom meeting. I will email everyone a day in time by tomorrow.

Please see a few examples below from past students: Loren Franke, Lisa Pringle and Leah Delfausse.



Graphic Design & Production – Book Cover Challenge

Hope you all had a restful Spring Break and are ready to get back to it! I have sent level 2 students an email and shared the assignment in the Google drive folder. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am working on setting up a zoom meeting for our classes. Once I have the details, I will email you all. So please keep an eye out for my invite! I sure miss seeing all of you and hope we can catch up on zoom! On the zoom session – it will be reserved for questions or concerns you are having…as well as to catch up!

Most of you have heard that Cobb County is going to a 4 day class week with Friday being reserved for catch up, questions, etc. This Book Cover assignment is technically due on Thursday but you can still submit up until Sunday, April 19th, 2020.



Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic Design – Creative Color Wheel – due dates

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 – Today students should be submitting their – 3 sketches of the object they would like to use for their Creative Color Wheel. Once you have submitted and received a response from me. Please get to work and please pay attention to detail and do not rush to just finish the color wheels. If you need to talk it out or have questions on how to set it up in Illustrator. Please reach out to me through email.

We have a tentative due date of  Wednesday, March 25th. But please, submit no later than Thursday, March 26th. We will begin Adobe Photoshop once this project is completed. 🙂


Mrs. H.

Intro to Graphic Design – Illustrator

Students have continued to work hard learning Adobe Illustrator, building their skills with different tools, effects and creating multiple assignments. The students just completed their Yoga posters and finished creating their own Super Hero. Students enjoyed creating the Super Hero from scratch, taking three different Super Hero’s to create their own. The students could change colors, theme and name of their Super Hero.

The students had their second vocabulary quiz this past Friday and sketchbook check. The sketchbook, needs to be kept up and updated with worksheets that have been handed out, daily vocabulary and thumbnail sketches for class. Please encourage your student to keep this up. The next sketchbook check will be worth a test grade.

We have about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks from completing Illustrator and moving into our next program, Adobe Photoshop. 🙂


Mrs. H

Intro to Graphic Design…Major Assignments

Students have completed their Aquo’s poster. They have practiced the tools they’ve learned to re-create the Aquo’s poster. Using gradients, patterns, text, pathfinder and more. Students continue to gain knowledge and learn their way around Adobe Illustrator.

As we move forward through the next coming weeks, the students will learn about Calligrams, creating images with words. Creating depth, form, contrast through using different fonts and styles (thin, bold, condensed, etc). Students will do 3 thumbnail sketches in their sketch book. Schedule a time to meet with me to review and discuss their ideas. Students will then move forward onto the computer and build their object in Adobe Illustrator. Students will submit a pdf file through email once complete.

It is important for students, to stay caught up in class and if they fall behind to take advantage of my morning hours or set up an appt for after school.


Mrs. H

Graphic Design & Production – let’s begin..

Some of my level two students I have not seen in over a year. It is so nice to have them back in my classroom for another semester! We started out our class with a review on Lab Safety and they all took an updated test and scored a 100%.

We jumped into Adobe Photoshop and worked through some new tutorials to refresh their memory and get them acclimated. We worked through 1 each day and then the students were assigned a their first project….2020 Calendar. Students had to select a theme for their year calendar and edit every image they are using for each month. Students will show me their original images and edited versions for complete credit. Due Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020.

Thank you,

Mrs. H

Intro to GD – Upcoming Dates Final Project & Exam

Students need to keep these dates in mind as we finish Intro to Graphic Design. I have handed out review packets for them to complete this past Tuesday, May 7th to help them prepare for their final.

Dates to keep in mind:

Monday, May 13th – Final Vocab Quiz, Graphic Design Notebooks check, Newsletters completed
Tuesday, May 14th – Review of Graphic Design Final Packet – Check for completion, Start Portfolio
Friday, May 17th – Last day to turn in any missing files for credit.

****Seniors – will need to have their portfolios completed before their final – (Block 3 & 4 -Thursday, May 16th  • Block 1 & 2 – Friday, May 17th)

I am in my class room every morning by 7:30am if anyone needs to come in and work. If you ask, I can stay in the afternoon after school on Monday and Wednesday’s.



Mrs. H

Graphic Design & Production – Game Boards

Students have been working hard for the past few weeks on designing/creating game board. Students are working on coming up with their own ideas, how the game will work, look and function. They have designed the game board, cards that will be used on the game board, and rules. This week they will be printing their games out and testing them before turning them in on Friday, May 3rd. We will take turns playing each of the games, students will see how well each game works, how long it takes to play and if they are able to win at the game. Students will give feedback on the games they play.

I have been taking weekly grades on each of these design points – game board design, cards/questions and rules. They will receive a final grade for the overall project.

We are in the homestretch….please encourage your students to work hard to the end of the semester!

Mrs. H

Intro to Graphics and Design – Welcome Back from Spring Break

Welcome Back and hope everyone had a relaxing Spring Break!

This week we will begin to work in Adobe Photoshop! Students will expand their knowledge on layers, how important it is to understand using layers and the difference it will make when creating assignments in Photoshop. We will review the tools in Adobe Photoshop and jump right into working on their hamburger and pizza! Students will enjoy the change and being able to use an additional program.

I am busy grading major assignments and will do my best to get them all updated by Thursday of this week. All assignments from Adobe Illustrator were due before break unless the student spoke to me on an individual basis. I reminded the students daily and still had several students not turn in assignments. They will receive zeros for those assignments.



Mrs. H