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Intro to Graphic Design – Photoshop – POP ART

April 20th, 2020 The next assignment in Photoshop is one of my favorites! Learning how to create POP ART from an original image of your choice. I have sent out the email to everyone in both classes of Intro. I… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design & Production – Book Cover Challenge

Hope you all had a restful Spring Break and are ready to get back to it! I have sent level 2 students an email and shared the assignment in the Google drive folder. If you have questions, please do not… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic Design – Creative Color Wheel – due dates

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 – Today students should be submitting their – 3 sketches of the object they would like to use for their Creative Color Wheel. Once you have submitted and received a response from me. Please get to… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic Design – Illustrator

Students have continued to work hard learning Adobe Illustrator, building their skills with different tools, effects and creating multiple assignments. The students just completed their Yoga posters and finished creating their own Super Hero. Students enjoyed creating the Super Hero… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic Design…Major Assignments

Students have completed their Aquo’s poster. They have practiced the tools they’ve learned to re-create the Aquo’s poster. Using gradients, patterns, text, pathfinder and more. Students continue to gain knowledge and learn their way around Adobe Illustrator. As we move… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design & Production – let’s begin..

Some of my level two students I have not seen in over a year. It is so nice to have them back in my classroom for another semester! We started out our class with a review on Lab Safety and… Continue Reading →

Intro to GD – Upcoming Dates Final Project & Exam

Students need to keep these dates in mind as we finish Intro to Graphic Design. I have handed out review packets for them to complete this past Tuesday, May 7th to help them prepare for their final. Dates to keep… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design & Production – Game Boards

Students have been working hard for the past few weeks on designing/creating game board. Students are working on coming up with their own ideas, how the game will work, look and function. They have designed the game board, cards that… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphics and Design – Welcome Back from Spring Break

Welcome Back and hope everyone had a relaxing Spring Break! This week we will begin to work in Adobe Photoshop! Students will expand their knowledge on layers, how important it is to understand using layers and the difference it will… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic & Design – Spring Break

All students in my intro classes have worked hard to make sure all assignments have been turned in before Spring Break. They have been told for 2 and a half weeks that will be the last day that I accept… Continue Reading →

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