Wrap-up! Illustrator Final Project…

The students are working on their final major project in Illustrator to finish up the week. Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday and a notebook check. All classes will have a couple smaller assignments (color wheel & masking)  in Illustrator to complete when we return at the beginning of the week.

All classes will begin Photoshop after fall break! I know a lot of students are looking forward to Photoshop and learning how to manipulate photos!

Hope everyone has a relaxing and safe fall break!

Mrs. H

Illustrator continues…Yoga Posters

The students finished working on the Calligrams on Friday and this week they will kick it off with the Yoga posters! These two posters will count as two test grades. They will spend a lot of time using text, formatting text, repeating patterns, etc. I look forward to seeing how well they will do on this assignment.

I have spoke to each class to let them know that all grades have been entered into synergy. If your child is missing any assignments you will see a zero for their grade. The students know that have until Wednesday, September 12th end of day to turn any missing assignments from the first week. After this time, I will not accept those assignments and the zero grade will be their final grade for the assignment.

I am at school each morning by 7:30am and all students are welcome to come in and work on their missing work. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you,
Mrs. H

Illustrator – Typography

The students will learn about typography. They will review the different types of fonts – serif, san serif, script and display – just to name a few. They will learn the different parts of a character and other terms like tracking, leading and kerning. We will also review text box styles – left and right justified, centered, how to create a run around. Just about everything to do with text.

The students will come up with ideas for their calagrams, and ligature setup/pathfinder tools using their initials.

Later in the week, they will start their next large project – Yoga posters. This project counts for 2 test grades!

Until next time…

Mrs. H

Illustrator continues…Aquos

This week the students will be re-creating the AQUOS poster. We will review several tools and layers before they begin. It should be a great week to see how much they’ve learned and continue to learn when using Illustrator.

I will be entering students grades this week and will have everything up-to-date by the end of the week. The students have been given time to make up and complete any missing assignments each day. All students are aware that if they need extra time or want to come in the mornings for extra help that I am at school each day by 7:30am. I am available Monday & Wednesday after school until 4pm.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me at [email protected]


Thank you,

Mrs. H

Final Project – Portfolio

The students will take 14 of the assignments/projects they worked on throughout the semester and create a final portfolio. The project will be 16 total pages with front cover and back cover. Each student was handed a rubric that they are responsible to keep with them and hand in with their final project. The project is due, Friday, May 18th. The portfolio is work 2 test grades.

The students were also given their final exam review sheet today in class. It will be due next Friday as well. For Seniors, they will take their exam next Friday and I can review with them on Wednesday, May 16th.

I can not believe how fast this semester has flown by…



Mrs. H

InDesign…Family Newsletter

This week the students will learn their last program in this Intro class. They will begin to work in InDesign. InDesign is a layout program where they will pull everything they have learned together. The first couple of days we will review the basic functions and get them started on their next assignment. A four page newsletter – they will design a masthead/name plate for their newsletter, come up with ideas for their articles/stories and write each one on their own.

I’m looking forward to seeing the topics each student comes up with and see how much they’ve learned. This project will be due Monday, May 7th at the end of class.

Any missing assignments must be turned in by Wednesday, May 16th for credit.



Mrs. H

Finishing Photoshop

The students have completed their recreation of their advertisement in BE THE AD. Putting themselves in the advertisement and recreating all elements from scratch. As we are moving to the end of Photoshop, the students will use what they have learned on A Novel Approach. They will be given a synopsis of a real novel. They will come up with a new book cover from how they interpret the information.

Next week, the students will have their final project in Photoshop, Multiple Me. They will take 5 pictures of themselves in the same setting. The images will tell a story and using Photoshop, they will place their images in one picture and make it look realistic.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the students work in my next blog.

Until then….

Mrs. H

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a relaxing break! We hit the ground running today. The students in each class will be begin their selection on BE THE AD. Each student will chose an existing ad to recreate. They have to put themselves within the ad when they recreate from scratch. Today the students submitted their selections and had them approved. Tomorrow they will be begin to take pictures and recreate the layout.

This project will count as a test grade and is due on Friday, April 13th at the end of class. Each student in all blocks received the information in their gmail account to create their project.

I’m excited to see how well they do on Friday!


Mrs. H

Enjoy Spring Break!


Before we head off to break…I wanted to share the WINNERS of the Fantasy Animal contest from all of my classes.

Block 1 – Alexis Scarpinato

Block 2 – Lawson Willard & Ethan Perlakowski

Block 3 – Jenna McCormick

Block 4 – Michael Faress

Everyone worked really hard on this project using tools they have learned over the past two weeks in Photoshop.



*Please remember if you are missing any work from the past 5 weeks – I need it before Wednesday, April 11th, or I will not be accepting for credit. Unless you have spoken to me and made arrangements.

One last thing…I hope everyone has a relaxing, fun filled Spring Break! When we get back we will refresh on Monday and jump right in!



Mrs. H