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GD and Production – Open House & End of Week 3

I was so happy to see a few familiar faces and meet parents I hadn’t met when your child was in Intro to Graphic Design. I am super excited to teach your children this semester! They have all started out… Continue Reading →

Intro to GD – Open House & End of week 3

It was very nice to meet some of you last night at Open House. I hope you were able to get a feel of how the semester will go and what your child will learn in this class. Next week… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design and Production – Week 3

This week students will be working on their 2019 Calendar project. The project is due – Friday, Jan. 25th. This means printed and handed in not to complete the electronic file by Friday. Students will work on this assignment in… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic and Design – Week 3

This week the students will finish with basic information for Intro class. They will finish learning about Principles of Design and Safety. The students will review and complete a safety packet and take a safety test that they will be… Continue Reading →

Intro to Graphic Design – Week 2

Last week the students in all blocks worked very hard completing their introductory assignments. Monday, Jan. 14th – Finished up OBEY Giant – Opinion on Copyright/Fair Use Tuesday, Jan. 15th – GOLDS – Printing process Wednesday, Jan. 16th – Researched… Continue Reading →

Our last two weeks of class!

This week I have made sure to update all grades for each class. So if you see a zero, I do not have your assignment. If you need to resubmit a old file you may do so if its from… Continue Reading →

Let’s begin Indesign…

The students have started working in the final program they will learn this semester…InDesign. In this program, the students will learn how to create advertisements, a personal newsletter and their final project will be a portfolio. They will also see… Continue Reading →

Wrapping up Photoshop by the end of the week

Students are continuing to work on Photoshop. We will wrap up photoshop before we leave for Thanksgiving break this Friday. They will turn in their Motivational posters, where they chose two quotes they like and mean something to them and… Continue Reading →

Be the Ad

The students have been busy working in Photoshop practicing the tools they’ve learned over the past couple weeks. All classes have finished their Multiple Me project this past Wednesday and today, they handed in their note books and took a… Continue Reading →

Multiple Me Project

The students are starting to work on their multiple me assignment. On this assignment, students will decide how they’d like to tell a story through images. They will take at least 5 images of themselves from the same vanish point…. Continue Reading →

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