History, Ethics, Measurements, and Elements of Principles & Design

We have a busy week ahead…

The students will learn and get a quick review of the history of graphic design. During this time the students worked on pictographs in class as a group and came up with some amazing alphabets/pictures to create a sentence. This assignment was finished by the end of class and we moved into ethics, measurements, and ending the week with elements of principles and design.

Ethics – All blocks – review of ethics, copyright, trademark, registered – using artwork.

Measurements – All blocks – learned measurements used in graphic design – points and picas. Each student was given a worksheet to help reinforce and given examples with a ruler for measuring.

Elements of principles and design – The students reviewed each element/principle and then on their own the looked for ads that used warm, cool, neutral colors, symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance, unity, rhythm/repetition and pattern, emphasis, contrast and variety.

Next week we will cover printing, safety and jump into our first design program – Illustrator.


Week One

We are off to a great start! My students for all 4 blocks of Intro to Graphic Design have been getting settled into the new school year. Reviewing the syllabus, taking home forms to be filled out, signed by their parents and returned. If you need a copy of the syllabus or forms please let me know.

The first week the students are getting adjusted to using the mac desktop computer, setting up google docs, getting to know you letters , sharing documents, SkillsUSA, Graphic Design Club, Ethics, Careers, History of Graphic Design and created a timeline.

It has been a great week!

Welcome Back!


My name is Tracey Hotchkiss and I am the new Graphic Design teacher at Harrison High School for the 2017-18 school year! I am super excited to join an amazing team of CTAE teachers at HHS.

I will be teaching the Introduction to Graphic Design classes this school year. This will help grow the graphic design program at HHS and let Carey Ward teach the advanced/upper level Graphic Design courses so our students will receive a greater understanding of Graphic Design.

Please feel free to reach out to me by email at [email protected]

Lastly, for day 1 – please report to advisement first! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!