Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of my students a safe and restful break!

I’ve given the students the last couple of days to rework projects/classwork to resubmit and work on missing assignments to make sure everyone can start with a solid foundation going into the last few weeks of the semester.

When we return we will start with a quick review of all the novel covers from each class and then jump right into InDesign. The students will learn how to create a layout in InDesign, place images, place text and use alignment and be able to use multiple page documents. This will be the final program they will learn during this semester.


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Mrs. H


A Novel Approach…

Wow! Time is flying…and it is finally starting to feel like fall! 🙂

On Monday, we will start our A Novel Approach. The students will see what it is like to be like a true graphic designer working on a book cover. They will be given a synopsis of a book and title. They will need to research and get the feel of what the book is about from the synopsis and create a book cover. The will have 3 working days to complete the project – due date Wednesday, November 15th at the end of class.

Thursday and Friday are catch up days in class. The students will be able to complete missing assignments/projects that they are improving or have yet to turn in. They have until 3:30pm on Friday, November 17th to turn any missing assignment. After this time I will not accept an assignment from the first 12 weeks.

I hope everyone has a restful and joyous time with family during the Thanksgiving break!

Mrs. H

Be the Ad and more on Photoshop

The students will be wrapping up their tutorials on vignettes and double exposure images. They have time to complete missing assignments and get up to date.

Tuesday is a teacher work day! No homework.

The students will work on tutorials and practice different effects in Photoshop. Friday, they will go back to Illustrator to refresh some simple skills/tools they’ve learned earlier this semister.

Until next week….

Mrs. H

Be the Ad…Photoshop and Illustrator

This week the students will use what they’ve learned in Photoshop and Illustrator to recreate an ad from scratch. Nothing borrowed from the internet. You must have a logo, text, image of person (you) and background. The idea with images need to be approved by me before you begin.

This project is worth 2 test grades. This will be one of your biggest projects for this semester. Please take your time and really work hard. I can’t wait to see your creativity come to life!

Next week, more Photoshop learning vignettes and masking.

Photoshop – Fantasy Animal & Multiple Me

Exciting week for the students working in photoshop. Creating their fantasy animal and voting for the most creative, realistic combo animal. Congratulations to my class winners – Block 1 – Lawrence Shadd, Block 2 – Noah Schelling, Block 3 – Matthew Karnatz and Block 4 – Ian Duncan.

The classes are wrapping up the week with their multiple me project. The students took five different photos of themselves to try and tell a story once the put all of their pictures into one image. I’m exciting to see how creative they are with this project.


Next week, they will be assigned BE THE AD…details to come Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Photoshop – how it works…

We will continue to learn the different tools within photoshop to let the student be more creative with their projects. They will learn the color replacement tool vs the paint brush blending option vs adjustment layers hue/saturation. I will explain how important it is to duplicate layers to make sure they do not ruin your original digital photo.

They will work on two in class projects this week (this may have to be adjusted since we have PSAT on Wednesday and only a half day on Thursday). One will be of themselves and the second they will be working on the pop art project. I am looking forward to seeing how creative they will get with these new projects and the more they get comfortable using Photoshop.


Have a great week!

Mrs. H

Homecoming Week – October 2-6

Homecoming week!

We hit the ground running this week and jump right into Photoshop. The students will get started with the paint brush tool, learn layers and the selection tool. They will build a hamburger and their first assignment will be to build a slice of pizza and move the toppings around from layer to layer. We move quickly working with additional tools – marquee tool, healing brush, and spot healing brush tool.

Students will have in class assignments throughout the week to help reinforce what they have learned.

Their first class assignment for their fantasy animal is due end of class Friday, October 6th.


Hope everyone enjoys Homecoming weekend!


Mrs. H

Fall Break

Please have all missing assignments turned in by Friday, September 22nd. After this date missing assignments will not be accepted for full credit.

We have finished lessons on Illustrator and will start Photoshop when we return from Fall Break. The students will have a test on Illustrator on Tuesday. We will review on the Monday after break!

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing fall break! See you when we get back!


Mrs. H

Wrapping up Typography

First, I want to say, I hope everyone made it through Hurricane Irma safely!

Tomorrow we will be back at school and the students from all blocks will have their Typography test. I will review with them before giving them the test since we’ve been out of school four days.

For the rest of the week, we will discuss using typography in advertisements, practice using tools learned in Illustrator, students will have a choice of picking two items from the list given. DUE DATE: Friday, September 15th.

Next week, we will wrap up Illustrator with the Mike’s Coffee ad



The students have been learning about typography for the past week. We have reviewed labels of the character – Cap line, ascender line, x-height, descender line, stem, bowl counter and serif. The also learned the different classifications for fonts – Serif, Sans serif, script and decorative. They used what they have learned to create their first name in Graffiti and now they are finishing up their Calligram using the program – Illustrator. I will be displaying their Graffiti in the halls this week.

We also reviewed the difference in alignments when using type. Putting text in an object, on a path, rotating type as a line, in a text box using alignment, and using different types families – bold, italic, condensed, light, etc. They can create definition, depth, and detail using fonts.

I am seeing so much creativity in the objects they chose and are recreating using words. It is amazing to see how they have pushing themselves to choose a bit more challenging objects and use what they’ve learned come to life.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!