Intro to Graphic Design

Welcome to Intro to Graphic Design, Fall 2020

In this class you will learn, how to use three programs in the Adobe Creative Suite.  We will start with Illustrator, then move to Photoshop and to bring things all together with InDesign. In the first three weeks of this class, there will be basics that must be reviewed and learned. We will review careers that involve graphic designers, history of graphic design, copyright/ethics and most importantly safety. Each student must pass the safety test with 100%. Once we have worked through these lessons, the students will begin working in Illustrator.

The syllabus for Intro to Graphic Design is in the drop down in the class menu. Please be sure to take a look and have your required items by Monday, August 24th.

I’m so excited to meet all of you online Monday, August 17th!

Mrs. Tracey Hotchkiss