Playful Versus Hurtful Teasing






Understanding the difference between playful versus hurtful teasing is important.  Counseling core curriculum lessons are teaching this to students as part of the bullying prevention unit.  The following list helps to summarize what teasing looks like when it feels good and when it doesn’t.

Playful Teasing

  • Comments are made to make me laugh.
  • You are teased about “silly things” – not about things that you can’t control.
  • The teasing would stop if I asked.
  • You don’t feel “ganged up” on by a group of teasers.
  • The teaser is someone I usually like to spend time with.

Hurtful Teasing

  • The teaser is trying to embarrass you.
  • You are teased repeatedly – over and over.
  • The teaser won’t stop teasing after they see that you are upset.
  • The teasing isn’t done by a close friend.
  • You feel like you don’t belong when the teasing happens.

Newcomers Groups

As part of our school counseling program, all new students in first through fifth grade will be participating in a newcomers group with their school counselor. The group meets twice for about thirty minutes each session. The sessions will include “get to know you” activities, introductions to school staff along with a tour, and discussions about how to make a positive transition.

This opportunity allows the school counselors and the new students to get to know each other. Also, connections are made between the students as they help each other adjust to their new environment. Being a part of a newcomers group is a great way for new students to meet new friends in their grade level from other classes, too.

We want it to be a great year ahead for all of our new students at “the Ridge!”

ROPES Promise

All Timber Ridge students, staff and parents are promising to use the ROPES acronym to guide this school year’s adventure!  Incorporating respect in all that we do helps to guide our choices in the right direction.  It serves as a foundation for our successful path ahead!

A Big Thank You to Our Career Day Parent Volunteers!

Career Day for our 3rd-5th grade students was on Wednesday, May 10 and we had 12 different speakers discuss the career clusters as assigned by the Georgia Department of Education.  The event really helped to connect the dots between education and how it is preparing our students for opportunities in their future. The students really enjoyed the interactive and engaging presentations.  Thank you!


Middle School Orientation Tours – A Great Success!

Our rising 6th graders really enjoyed their field trips to Dodgen and Dickerson Middle Schools on Monday, February 6, 2017.  This is a great opportunity each year for students to tour their future school and learn about all of the opportunities that await them after they graduate from Timber Ridge!

All Dodgen parents, please mark your calendars for the Rising 6th Grade Family Night on Thursday, May 4, 2017.   This event was originally shared as a parent only night, but has been changed to a family event for all parents and students to attend.


Growth Mindset Grant Approved!

A big thank you to our Timber Ridge Foundation for approving our grant for Growth Mindset materials!  All 2nd and 3rd grade classes have been taught the 5 key components to having a Growth Mindset including: Practicing Mindfulness, Identifying Brain Basics, Understanding that “Not Yet is OK”, Showing Determination & Grit, and Using Positive Self-Talk.  The materials enhanced the counseling core curriculum lessons taught in the classrooms and will be used with additional students throughout the year.  Thanks again to our Foundation for supporting our counseling program and encouraging a Growth Mindset in our students!


Kindergarten Highlight: Counseling Core Curriculum

Kindergarten students have been practicing using I-Messages to work through problems with others.  This type of I-Care language allows conflicts to be resolved peacefully.  It is okay to have strong feelings, such as being very angry – which is called Bombaloo in the story.  It is just very important to express those feelings in a respectful way.

Increase the Peace

Students at Timber Ridge make peaceful choices look easy!!  This pro-social program works to promote kindness and prevent any type of bullying behavior.  Students can be nominated by staff members or their peers for showing the following actions:

  • Being a bucket filler with kind words/actions
  • Being a friend that includes others
  • Helping someone to solve a conflict
  • Using a bystander strategy to help someone

Award winners are announced on our TRNN broadcast every other week throughout the year.  Congrats to all of our students who are recognized for being a positive role model to others!