Take the “Stack Challenge!”

As an extension of our Cyber Power event last week, we hope that families are choosing to take part in our “Stack Challenge.”  This is where family members stack their tech devices in order to enjoy quality time with each other.  Just a reminder that the calendars with the recorded time need to be turned into classroom teachers this Friday, Nov. 17.  Thank you to everyone that chose to participate.  We are excited to award Cyber Power t-shirts to the families that recorded the most “stack time!”

Cyber Power Parent Night – 11/9/17

Thank you to all of our parents that attended our Cyber Power Parent Night last night.  We were so pleased to see more than 60+ parents in our Learning Commons to hear our panel of speakers.  We tried to provide useful information to empower parents in navigating the digital world that we all live in.  We want to keep children safe, build healthy habits and strengthen families.

Red Ribbon Week Preview

Red Ribbon Week is coming up on October 23-27. We hope everyone will join in with our theme of “Good Choices, Good Character – Drug & Bully Free.” Students are encouraged to dress-up to show their support!

  • Monday, 10/23: Wear Red to show that you love yourself and others. Be drug & bully free!
  • Tuesday, 10/24: Wear Neon to show that you are too bright to use drugs or bully others!
  • Wednesday, 10/25: Wear Tie-Dye/Peace Signs to say “Peace Out” to drugs & bullying!
  • Thursday, 10/26: Wear Sweatshirts to show that it’s “No Sweat” to be drug & bully free!
  • Friday, 10/27: Wear Team Gear to show that kindness is a team sport – be drug & bully free!

1st Grade Counseling Curriculum Highlight

We read the story of Simon’s Hook in our first grade classes this week.  The story taught us that even if someone is teased, they don’t have to take the bait!  The book discusses 5 strategies that can be used to handle a situation, making it better instead of worse.  Sometimes more than one strategy may need to be tried, but very often they do work.  If the situation isn’t able to be solved, it is always OK to ask an adult for help.

Students chose the strategy that they liked the best and we practiced what it would look like to use that strategy wit a put-down.  For example, if someone was called a “Scaredy-cat,” they could reply with, “You mean I’m not a dog?” if they wanted to laugh and make a joke about it.

All students have learned the difference between playful vs. hurtful teasing.  This lesson serves as an additional tool for students, building their skills to diffuse a teasing situation if it occured.

Playful Versus Hurtful Teasing






Understanding the difference between playful versus hurtful teasing is important.  Counseling core curriculum lessons are teaching this to students as part of the bullying prevention unit.  The following list helps to summarize what teasing looks like when it feels good and when it doesn’t.

Playful Teasing

  • Comments are made to make me laugh.
  • You are teased about “silly things” – not about things that you can’t control.
  • The teasing would stop if I asked.
  • You don’t feel “ganged up” on by a group of teasers.
  • The teaser is someone I usually like to spend time with.

Hurtful Teasing

  • The teaser is trying to embarrass you.
  • You are teased repeatedly – over and over.
  • The teaser won’t stop teasing after they see that you are upset.
  • The teasing isn’t done by a close friend.
  • You feel like you don’t belong when the teasing happens.

Newcomers Groups

As part of our school counseling program, all new students in first through fifth grade will be participating in a newcomers group with their school counselor. The group meets twice for about thirty minutes each session. The sessions will include “get to know you” activities, introductions to school staff along with a tour, and discussions about how to make a positive transition.

This opportunity allows the school counselors and the new students to get to know each other. Also, connections are made between the students as they help each other adjust to their new environment. Being a part of a newcomers group is a great way for new students to meet new friends in their grade level from other classes, too.

We want it to be a great year ahead for all of our new students at “the Ridge!”

ROPES Promise

All Timber Ridge students, staff and parents are promising to use the ROPES acronym to guide this school year’s adventure!  Incorporating respect in all that we do helps to guide our choices in the right direction.  It serves as a foundation for our successful path ahead!