Red Ribbon Week Classroom Posters

Every classroom designed their own poster to show their support of Red Ribbon Week and they all rocked it!  What a unique way for all students to participate in the special activities of the week.  Thank you to all of our teachers and students for their hard work!  Without a doubt, “Our School Rocks Bully & Drug Free!” #ChooseKind #RRW


#ChooseKind – September’s Kindness Crew

Timber Ridge students are making #ChooseKind look easy!  These students were caught going above and beyond with kindness and were recognized as role models for our school.  Congratulations!!


Vannah Hunt


Caroline Heck
Ethan Schaaf
Ethan Grimberg
Charles Crawford
Drew Hinrichs

First Grade:

Harper Whyte
Varun Krishnan
Peher Patel
Clara Brown
Lowery Collins
Hannah Gillman

Second Grade:

Camden Oblinger
Alex Blum
Addie Koval
Olivia Gorney
Mary D’Alexander
Kellen Warnick
Abby Roberts

Third Grade:

JR Roden
Maya Shah
Walter Adams
Rhys Meade
Isabella Janeira
Daniel Balog
Hank Allen
Caroline Stover
Amalie Zufari
Jack Hinrichs
Paige Vandenbussche
Alivia Gaines
Jake Drahushuk
Dylan Britt

Fourth Grade:

Katie Keef
Vedanshi Kumar
Madeline Clark
Roger Schnurr
Grace Miller
Seyi Fakiyesi
Santi Skurzak
Demi Anyokwu

Fifth Grade:

Shinjon Rafique

Kindness Has a Domino Effect

Second & third grade students came up with their own ideas on how to #ChooseKind this school year.  During our counseling core curriculum lesson, we read Be Kind and discussed how one small act of kindness can cause many more kind acts to follow.  Choosing kind every day can have a huge impact on our school, community and the world!


Timber Ridge Kindness Crew – August 2018

Our #ChooseKind student recognition program is excited to announce our August winners!  These students are going above and beyond with kindness and others are noticing their awesome choices.  Congratulations to all of these students!

Ryan Grace Wagener

Ava Clark
Henry Adams
Diane Lee

1st grade:
Nina Michelle Angryk
Ann Marie Tolbert
Julia Kokotan

2nd grade:
Charlie Pfeifer
Blake Souza

3rd grade:
Ronav Desai
Naren Kumar
Sydney Pochmaru
Quinn Moss
Mihai Necula
Anna Koontz
Thomas Parker

4th grade:
Tatum Gibson
Brady Shumate
Reese Finley
Beckham Orr
Davis Orr
Alexa Slaton
Grant Johnson
Ryan Crawford

5th grade:
Kaden Bagwell
Lauren Hayward

Newcomers Groups

It has been great to get to know all of our new students at the Ridge this year!  Newcomers groups are offered for all new students in first through fifth grade.  We meet twice during the few weeks of school as a grade level group in my counseling office, allowing new students from different classes to get to know each other.  These meetings also provide support by facilitating conversations related to how it feels to transition to a new school and ideas on how to make it a positive adjustment.  #BestYearYet

Career Day Events 2018 – April 26 & May 2


A BIG thank you to all of our presenters and their willingness to give their time to our students. Each one of them taught about the connection between education and the world of work.  The presentations were informative and engaging, allowing students to learn so much!  The events supported the career education of students as outlined by the Georgia Department of Education’s Career Clusters:

Grade 1: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics; Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Grade 2: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications; Health Science; Education and Training
Grade 3: Hospitality and Tourism; Human Services; Energy
Grade 4: STEM; Manufacturing; Business Management and Administration; Architecture and Construction
Grade 5: Finance; Information Technology; Marketing; Government and Public Administration



Increase the Peace 4-12-18


This is our last group of dedicated students to Increase the Peace at Timber Ridge Elementary for 2018! Thank you students for setting the example and making your classrooms and Timber Ridge a better place to learn and grow.