Increase the Peace Winners

Students were nominated by staff members and their peers for showing kindness through their words and actions.  These “bucket fillers” are showing that kindness is cool each and every day.  Congratulations to these role model students!

Caught With Character – Integrity

The following students were Caught with Character in the month of September 2017.
Character Trait – INTEGRITY: Steadfast adherence to a strict code of moral, ethical or
artistic values; to consistently be truthful, sincere, and fair.  They are truly leaders of the pack!

Red Ribbon Week Preview

Red Ribbon Week is coming up on October 23-27. We hope everyone will join in with our theme of “Good Choices, Good Character – Drug & Bully Free.” Students are encouraged to dress-up to show their support!

  • Monday, 10/23: Wear Red to show that you love yourself and others. Be drug & bully free!
  • Tuesday, 10/24: Wear Neon to show that you are too bright to use drugs or bully others!
  • Wednesday, 10/25: Wear Tie-Dye/Peace Signs to say “Peace Out” to drugs & bullying!
  • Thursday, 10/26: Wear Sweatshirts to show that it’s “No Sweat” to be drug & bully free!
  • Friday, 10/27: Wear Team Gear to show that kindness is a team sport – be drug & bully free!

1st Grade Counseling Curriculum Highlight

We read the story of Simon’s Hook in our first grade classes this week.  The story taught us that even if someone is teased, they don’t have to take the bait!  The book discusses 5 strategies that can be used to handle a situation, making it better instead of worse.  Sometimes more than one strategy may need to be tried, but very often they do work.  If the situation isn’t able to be solved, it is always OK to ask an adult for help.

Students chose the strategy that they liked the best and we practiced what it would look like to use that strategy wit a put-down.  For example, if someone was called a “Scaredy-cat,” they could reply with, “You mean I’m not a dog?” if they wanted to laugh and make a joke about it.

All students have learned the difference between playful vs. hurtful teasing.  This lesson serves as an additional tool for students, building their skills to diffuse a teasing situation if it occured.