Career Day Events 2018 – April 26 & May 2


A BIG thank you to all of our presenters and their willingness to give their time to our students. Each one of them taught about the connection between education and the world of work.  The presentations were informative and engaging, allowing students to learn so much!  The events supported the career education of students as outlined by the Georgia Department of Education’s Career Clusters:

Grade 1: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics; Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Grade 2: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications; Health Science; Education and Training
Grade 3: Hospitality and Tourism; Human Services; Energy
Grade 4: STEM; Manufacturing; Business Management and Administration; Architecture and Construction
Grade 5: Finance; Information Technology; Marketing; Government and Public Administration



Increase the Peace 4-12-18


This is our last group of dedicated students to Increase the Peace at Timber Ridge Elementary for 2018! Thank you students for setting the example and making your classrooms and Timber Ridge a better place to learn and grow.

Increase the Peace 3/30/18

Congratulations to the following Increase the Peace winners:

Alex Wetty, Christina Slaton, Liyah Weaver, Erik Powell, Evangeline Kwon, Leah Pfeifer,        Matias Garcia, Lauren Porter, Emily Ginzberg, Aathira Fernandez, Haidyn Jenkins,                Shailen Valvani & Mia Moyal.

These “bucket fillers” are going above and beyond to show kindness every day! 🙂

Increase The Peace 3-13-18

Big appreciation to our Timber Ridge students who have Increased the Peace in our classrooms and on our campus. We celebrate your kindness and your efforts to make our school a great place to learn and grow!

Timber Ridge Career Days 2018

February 15, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are planning ahead for our “Career Days” at Timber Ridge. The events will take place on Thursday, April 26 and Wednesday, May 2. Please let us know if you may be interested in presenting!

Our goal is to help students develop a greater awareness about career options and to understand how education connects to the world of work. In order to emphasize the importance of education, students are invited to wear their favorite school shirt on their career day (Timber Ridge, middle school, high school or college shirts). We will continue to meet state guidelines by matching our career speakers to the career clusters. Please look at the career clusters for each grade level listed on the back of this letter.

Thursday, April 26 – Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd: Each grade level will visit the “Careers on Wheels” speakers on the blacktop between 8:15-10:30 a.m. If you or someone you know has a special vehicle that helps with their job, please let us know. We have many community helpers that attend, but are always looking for new careers to feature with our primary students.

Wednesday, May 2 – 3rd, 4th & 5th: Each grade level will see the speakers in a rotation format. Speakers will deliver their presentation for 20 minutes in each class, so we are asking for a time commitment of 1.5 hours for each speaker. The presentations will take place between 8:15-11:30 a.m.

We will try our best to place everyone interested, so if you think you can join us, please complete the form below or email by March 9. Please send emails to Thank you in advance for helping us with these educational events!


Joslin Maxwell & Patrick Wilson

Increase The Peace

These are the new students Increasing The Peace at Timber Ridge! In second Grade: Nora Rhoden, Coleman Ford, Ambrose Richmond, Rebecca Otto, Vivi Kim, Hudson Lambert, Molly Miller, Andrew Grimberg, Grant Deline. In third Grade: Grant Johnson, Luke Koval, Sophie Morge, Sarah Blackwell. In fifth Grade: Anne Roundhill.

Take the “Stack Challenge!”

As an extension of our Cyber Power event last week, we hope that families are choosing to take part in our “Stack Challenge.”  This is where family members stack their tech devices in order to enjoy quality time with each other.  Just a reminder that the calendars with the recorded time need to be turned into classroom teachers this Friday, Nov. 17.  Thank you to everyone that chose to participate.  We are excited to award Cyber Power t-shirts to the families that recorded the most “stack time!”