Tuesday October 31, 2017

8th Grade: Georgia Studies

7th Grade: Middle East(Southwest Asia), Africa, and Southern and Eastern Asia

7th Grade


Israel as a Jewish State Timeline

Review activity for test on Thursday

HW: Study for History of the Middle East Test.  The test will be Thursday November 2nd. Use the study guide and the Quizizz reveiw game.

Students were given the pass code to play the Quizizz review game to assist reviewing for the test. The Quizizz will be open until Wednesday Oct 1 at 8PM. The highest score earned will be a HW grade.

Study Guide

History of the Middle East Study Guide-14y6vng

Quizizz Directions:7th Grade History of the Middle East HW Test Review Quizizz Directions-1j359xg


8th Grade


Vocabulary Review and printed flashcards

Quizizz Review Activity


HW:  Study Vocabulary for a Vocabulary Test on Tuesday November 7th.

Royal Colony Vocabulary-1pvxgvu

Students were given the code for the Quizizz review. You are to do the activity as many times as possible until the morning of November 7th. The highest score will count as a homework grade.

Directions for Review Quizizz:

8th Grade Royal Colony Vocabulary Homework-1sljpl1

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