October 2010

PRE AP SOCIAL STUDIES WORD ART The PreAP Social Studies classes created this word art for our introduction to Buddhism and Hinduism.  Word art courtesy of Wordle www.wordle.net     

Current Issues Mock Elections Click on the link below to get started Current Issues Mock Election Voting

PRE AP SOCIAL STUDIES REVIEW GUIDE FOR UNIT TEST Click on the link below for the study guide for tomorrow’s  unit test over Indus River Valley (India) and Yellow River Valley (China). Study Guide for Unit Test 2010

Current Issues notebook/packet DUE TUESDAY contains: 1.  Darfur, Sudan notes (handout) 2. Lost Boys of Sudan video notes 3. Conflict diamonds notes (handout) 4. Invisible Children notes 5.  North Korea thought journal/notes (your notebook paper)

CURRENT ISSUES NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION GROUP PROJECT Click on the link below to view the handout and to use the links that I have given you.  You may find links of your own as well, just remember our Media Bias unit and make sure that they are credible.  This is DUE ON THURSDAY… we will be […]

PRE AP SOCIAL STUDIES GREAT WALL OF CHINA LAB Click on the link below to complete the Great Wall of China lab.  Please use your own notebook paper. This lab is due on Monday.  Remember to either write the question on your paper OR to phrase it in your answer. Great Wall Lab 2010

Pre AP Social Studies Chinese Interview Project Click on the link below for your instructions.  We will be in the Media Center for two days, Monday and Tuesday.   Remember that in addition to the interview, you must have a commercial for a culture marker.  Due Tuesday 10/19.  Be creative and have fun! china celebrity interview […]

CURRENT ISSUES CHILD SOLDIERS WEBQUEST AND ARTICLE Click on the link below and follow the directions.  Your final product will be a newspaper article that is written as a first hand account… in other words, it is as if you have actually interviewed a child soldier.  We will be in the Media Center 1/2 on […]

PRE AP INDUS RIVER VALLEY LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE LAB Click on the link below to access the lab.  Write out your answers on a separate sheet of notebook paper.  Remember to either write out the question or phrase it in your answer. web quest language & literature India