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Click on the link below to complete the webquest for the early Indus River Valley civilization:  Harappa.   You will write the answers to the questions on your own notebook paper.  Please write neatly and clearly label which question you are answering.  You may either rewrite the question or phrase it in your answer (as discussed in class). Remember that when you get to the last set of questions, you may want to explore all of the websites first (reading and looking at pictures) and then come back to answer the questions.

 THIS IS DUE MONDAY.  What you do not finish in the full class period, you will be responsible for finishing at home.

Indus Valley web quest 2011

AP Psych updated list of Youtube videos Unit 2

AP Psych Unit Two reading packet Youtube video update

Many of the Youtube videos listed in your reading packet no longer exist.  Click below for the new list of videos and remember to take notes, make a graphic organizer, etc… something that shows me that you viewed all of them.  They are all short, the longest one is four minutes.  We will have a quiz on them at some point before the Unit Two test and I will let you know at least two days in advance (I just don’t know how fast we will progress through the unit).
Updated Youtube video list for 2011