October 2011

AP PSYCH Parts of the brain webquest and Superhero project Here are the links to the brain webquest and superhero project.  Both were assigned when Mr. Bagley was here, so you should at least have a good start on them.  Both are DUE Tuesday 10/25 for 1st and on Wednesday 10/26 for 2nd Parts of […]

PRE AP China Project Click on the link below for the China interview project directions.  Remember that it is due TUESDAY 10/25 and counts as a major project grade. china celebrity interview 2011  

AP PSYCH NEURONS AND NEUROTRANSMITTERS WEBQUEST Click on the link below for the webquest.  Due Wed. for 1st and Thurs. for 2nd. Neurons, Chemicals and The Brain WEBQUEST

Pre AP:  Indus River Valley LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE LAB Click on the link below for the Language and Literature lab.  It is DUE THURSDAY at the beginning of class. lang & lit ancient India web quest 2011

PreAP Social Studies HARAPPAN CIVILIZATION WEBQUEST Click on the link below to complete the webquest for the early Indus River Valley civilization:  Harappa.   You will write the answers to the questions on your own notebook paper.  Please write neatly and clearly label which question you are answering.  You may either rewrite the question or phrase […]

AP PSYCH RESEARCH WEBQUEST This  webquest and the reading packet (green cover) are both due Thursday 10/13 for A day/1st period and on Friday 10/14 for Bday/2nd period.  Remember that the “Research” unit has the potential to be 8% of the test in May and AP has a track record of having FRQ’s based around […]

AP Psych Unit Two reading packet Youtube video update Many of the Youtube videos listed in your reading packet no longer exist.  Click below for the new list of videos and remember to take notes, make a graphic organizer, etc… something that shows me that you viewed all of them.  They are all short, the […]