AP Psychology

AP Psychology

Welcome to the wonderful world of not just psychology, but AP Psychology!!!!  We can do this… think 4’s and 5’s.  Click below to upload the syllabus as well as the tentative pacing guide.


SYLLABUS   AP Psych Syllabus 2015-2016

PACING GUIDE/COURSE PLAN and  MYERS TEXT PAGES TO READ This needs to always be in the front of your binder!!!!!
AP Psychology Course Plan 2015-16


SEMESTER FOCUS PROJECT “How to” and resources: 

Remember this project is 10% of your grade and is comprised of a research project (5%) and an outside reading component (5%)

Project Directions:    Semester project revised 2015-16

Outside Reading Info:    AP PSYCH SPRING Reading List



APA Research Outline for focus project (remember, if you do a survey you need to also include a copy of your survey questions)  APA RESEARCH OUTLINE for focus research

American Psychological Association   http://www.apa.org

Two good websites for articles and research:  www.psycport.com and www.psychwww.com


APA formatting website:   http://www.apastyle.org/

BOOK WEBSITE… USE IT!!!   (Will not let me link it, so you will need to copy/paste it into your browser)          http://bcs.worthpublishers.com/myers9e/#t_512463____



My advice to you, the AP Psychology student:

  • Remember that your hard work can and will pay off. Most, if not all of you will be required to take psych in college… why not take it now and free up your college schedule, not to mention cost.
  • Keep up with your textbook readings.  I will be under the assumption that you have come to class having read, and thus knowing the material.  In class we will elaborate and expand upon what you know.
  • Complete your weekly reading packet and read to learn, not just to “get it over with”!!!!
  • Take notes as you read and in class.  I will not require it, but this is where your AP self discipline comes in.  Do it, you do well.  Don’t and you won’t… I guarantee it.
  • Remember:  you are potentially getting college credit for this class, you will be responsible for much of your own learning and work ethic.
  • Vocab. Vocab. Vocab. Know it. Know it. Know it.


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