Pre AP



Click on the links below for general information about PreAP Social Studies.  It is the same information that you received at the beginning of the school year, but in case you misplace it you can always download it and print it here.

Syllabus AND Pacing Guide Syllabus 2016

Note taking Log for text readings: READING LOG


Online Map Help:    Click the region that we are currently on.  You should be able to do the Advanced Intermediate or Expert Level!

Semester Project Guidelines  our-world-project

Helpful hints for project:  Semester Project Helpful Hints

Template for Demographic Extremes portion of Our World Project  DEMOGRAPHIC EXTREMES


The websites below are excellent and may be very useful to you in PreAP.

Online Learning Center.  Excellent resource for review notes on each unit.  Online Learning Center

Study Guides and Learning Strategies:  Study Help

National Geographic: (Check out the Photography, Environment, Travel and Adventure Links)  National  Geographic

 Help in formulating a THESIS STATEMENT:


Websites for obtaining current events for Cone of Light Applications:

 these are just a few, any major newspaper or news magazine has downloadable current articles–remember it needs to be a PRINT resource not on-line TV news

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