Calling all Heart Heroes, it’s time to register for Kids Heart Challenge! Help your child sign up at  or search “Kids Heart Challenge” in your app store to download the app and register. Your child will earn a FREE powerband for registering online, AND you can help our class win the Classroom Challenge! The classroom per grade level with the MOST students registered online will win their teacher an Amazon gift card (minimum of 10 students to qualify). Check-out our current leaderboard per grade level. Register today to help our class win!

Name Grade Registrations
Speer Kinder 7
Mohsin 1st 7
Smith 2nd 10
Orton 3rd 3
Bond 4th 4
Riggins 5th 3


Mandy Couch

Youth Market Director

American Heart Association

Cell: 678.852.8639


Welcome to 2020!  Here are a few important dates.

1/6 return to school

1/8 Spelling Bee 8:30

1/9 Field Trip- Fire Safety Village  Lunch must be in a bag that can be thrown away.

Week of 1/13 Target begins

1/20 MLK Day – no school



I would like to thank our room parents for making to day a hit!  The students enjoyed themselves and ate until the food was gone.  They enjoyed playing the games and cheering on their friends.

Tuesday and Wednesday – New Nation Rotation – Students will travel to six rooms and participate in period correct activities.  They usually love these days!

Friday – Movie Day- Students selected a movie they wanted to see.



We have been busy bees this week!  We have taken many assessments and will end with a spelling bee on Friday.  The winner will represent our class in the school spelling bee in January.  Next week will be a lot of fun!  Our class party, New Nation Rotations, and movie day is sure to be a hit!

Remember, Goody Bags can be filled through Monday.  Students will bring their bags home Monday afternoon.


Lunch schedule for Tuesday-Thursday

11/13 sack lunch

11/14    tables B 3&4    11:26-11:56   Turkey Dinner

11/15   table B 7   10:54 – 11:24  hot lunch


Declaration Vocab. Test – Thursday, Nov. 14th, They have a study guide!


Math- multiplication, multiplicative comparison, math facts

Reading- Sign of the Beaver, Point of  View, Figurative Language, research

ELA- Sort 5 test Wednesday, Sort 6, Opinion Writing

Science- ecosystems

Social Studies- Important people of the American Revolution



Thanksgiving Lunches


Wednesday, November 13     2nd & 3rd Grades

Thursday, November 14   Kindergarten & 4th Grade

Friday, November 15              1st & 5th Grades


Here is our schedule. You are invited to join your child for lunch on Thursday, November 14th, from 11:26 – 11:56. We will be at tables B3, B4.


Wednesday, November 13th, pick up sack lunch @ 9:34

Thursday, November 14th, TURKEY LUNCH from 11:26 – 11:56

Friday, November 15th, pizza from 10:54-11:24

Week of 10/28

Math- Factors, multiples, multiplication by 1 digit

Reading- Sign of the Beaver, Point of  View, Figurative Language

ELA- plural verbs, Sort 4, Sort 5, Opinion Writing

Science- ecosystems

Social Studies- Important people of the American Revolution


Week of 10/8


Math- word problems

Reading- Sign of the Beaver

ELA- narrative final copy

Science- Space

Social Studies- Battles of the American Revolution

Week of 9/30

Math- perimeter, word problems with time, distance, volume, etc.
Reading- continue with Sign of the Beaver
ELA- nouns, pronouns
Science- planets and other objects
Social Studies– The American Revolution


I hope you have a fun filled week with family and friends!


We have our first field trip to the Cobb Youth Museum on Friday, September 13th.  We will leave after lunch and return in time for dismissal.  I am excited to see your child retell history!  Here is a quick glance at next week.

Tuesday– Constitution Day

Thursday– Talk Like a Pirate Day  (Students will be allowed to dress like a pirate.  No masks, hooks, or weapons are allowed.  I can’t wait to see all the pirates! Arr!)

Math-number sense, addition, subtraction, perimeter, problem solving



Reading– main idea, details, theme, inferencing, Sign of the Beaver

ELA– nouns – proper, common

narrative writing- character development, setting, hook

Science– stars, planets, compare/contrast

Social Studies– finish causes of the American Revolution


Good afternoon! We have been very busy this week. We sent home field trip information on Friday. Money and forms are due as soon as possible. My gradebook must be under construction, I have entered grades and the grades have disappeared in some areas.  Papers and a behavior sheet are sent home every Friday in their Friday Folder.  Please initial and return on Monday.

Curriculum Update!

Math – place value, rounding, comparing, estimation

Reading – inferencing

ELA – onomatopoeia

Science – phases of the moon, seasons

Social Studies – geographical features


This week we have taken the Reading Inventory and the Math Inventory.  Scores will come home soon.


Thank you for coming to Open House!  I enjoyed sharing our day with you.  I will be sending home Friday Folders on Friday.  Please go through the folder, sign the behavior sheet, complete any papers that might be in there, and return to school on Monday.  Have a restful weekend!


Open House is Wednesday, August 7th at 6:30 and 7

I am stilling missing many forms.  Please complete and return ASAP.  Thank you!

Safe Science test on Thursday.

Homework page


Open House is Wednesday, August 7th at 6:30 and 7.  I look forward to seeing you. Student will have a spelling test on Friday.

Homework page


I am enjoying learning about your child.  Many have have been very creative sharing their information.

Homework page


I am so excited to meet you.  I look forward to getting to know you and your child.