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Thank you!

I just want to say thank you to an amazing group of families we have in our class!!

  • Thank you for supporting our class and school in the Tiger Trot! We actually came in 6th place out of all the classes in our school. πŸ™‚ AMAZING!!!
  • Thank you for coming to the feast. It was such a wonderful time together.
  • Also, thank you to Mrs. Forrest for starting off our Mystery Reading. If you would like to be a Mystery Reader in our class send me an email and we will find a time for you to come read to our class. πŸ™‚

Enjoy the pictures!!

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This Weeks Update

  • Book Fair- The Scholastic Book Fair is here this week in the Media Center. If you are wanting your child to purchase a book please send cash in an envelope with your child’s name and my name on the front.
  • Class Feast- Our class feast is tomorrow (11/13). If you have rsvp’d you can meet us in the cafeteria at 12:20. πŸ™‚
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Tomorrow’s Field Trip

Dear Families,
Due to the 100% chance of rain and cooler temperatures we are going to reschedule our field trip to the Art Barn tomorrow (11/12). Once we have a date to reschedule we will let you know all the updated information. Since we are rescheduling we may have a small additional fee for the buses because we are rescheduling. Tomorrow we will have a normal school day so please have your student come to school in their standard attire. Thank you for your understanding!

The Kindergarten Team

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Few things….

  • Thanksgiving Feast- If you would like to attend our Thanksgiving Feast please send in the yellow slip with your RSVP by this Friday, November 9th.
  • Fun Run Attire- On Friday have your child come to school in their green class T-shirt with appropriate athletic bottoms and running shoes.
  • Chaperone Form– If you have checked off to be a chaperone to attend the Art Barn field trip Monday please take a look in your child’s folder tomorrow for all the details. πŸ™‚
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Fun Run Update

I am proud to say that as of right now we are in 7th place for the Tiger Trot Fun Run!!!! Yay!!! One of our class goals was to have all of our classmates registered for the fun run. As of right now we only have 15 out of our 23 students registered. It is free to register so go to tonight! Thank you to all the families who have been doing an amazing job getting pledges in. Our school has now reached 75% of our goal. πŸ™‚ Today Since we had the most pledges brought in last 2 days IΒ  was able to throw a pie in Ms. Mansfield’s face. Oh my goodness!! πŸ™‚ Our class LOVED watching it happen. Today we also earned our class reward for extra recess and a popcorn party. TOMORROW (11/8)… your child may come to school with CRAZY HAIR!! On Friday we will use our other reward and that is to bring a stuffed animal to school. Please make sure the stuff animal can fit in your child’s backpack. Keep up the great work!!!!

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Fun Run Update

THANK YOU to those who have gone online to register your child into the Fun Run. Also, THANK YOU to the parents and family members who have donated money to our school. Right now we have raised $340 from just our class. Also, out of 23 students we have 15 students registered. Please make sure you go to to register your child. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work in raising money for our school!!!

For tonight… The class with the MOST NEW Pledges earns a Color Changing Water Bottle!!! πŸ™‚

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Tiger Trot Fun Run!!

Today we had a fun and exciting pep rally to start off our only fundraiser for the school year. The money we raise is going towards a new playscape!!Β  In your child’s folder you will find your child’s pledge book with all the directions on how to get started. Tonight please go to and register your child to participate in our Tiger Trot Fun Run!! If your child is registered TONIGHT they may come to school in a silly hat tomorrow (10/31). Our goal as a class is to have everyone registered. Let’s do it!!!! πŸ™‚

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Cafeteria Visitors

We love that you all are coming to enjoy lunch with your child. Unfortunately, with our large class number we are running out of space at our actual table. When you come we invite you to sit outside at the outdoor tables. If the weather is chilly we will guide you to another open table in the cafeteria. Thank you so much for being so understanding about the change!!

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Teasley Attire

Now that the weather is getting a little cooler please remember the Teasley dress code. Please read the information below for details….

  • Sweaters/ Sweatshirts:Β  Sweaters/Sweatshirts: NO HOODED sweaters or sweatshirts are permitted to be worn inside during the school day with the exception of a Teasley hooded sweatshirt. All sweaters and sweatshirts must be a SOLID navy, light blue, black, gray, purple, or white. There may be no patterns, markings, labels or other designs. Hoodies may be worn as jacket or outerwear only and must be removed once in the building.
  • Socks/Leggings/Stockings/Tights: Socks, leggings and stockings/tights: All visible socks, tights, stockings/tights or other foot covering must be blue, black, brown, gray or white SOLID colored. Leggings may be worn under dresses. NO OTHER COLOR IS ALLOWED. Additionally, socks, leggings and stockings/tights MAY NOT BE PATTERNED which would include lace, fishnets, argyle, checks, polka dots, stripes or any other markings.
  • Pants: Pants must be NAVY, BLACK or KHAKI only. Pants must be solid with no patterns, labels or other markings. Additionally, there may be no holes or tears in pants. Jeans, denim material, or workout type fabrics are not permitted. No leggings, jeggings or other skin tight fabric are permitted as pants.
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Teasley’s Tiger Trot Fun Run


Help us reach our Fundraising Goal – $45,000

Parent Action Steps:

1. Register your student(s) on FUNRUN.COM starting 10/23.
2. Reach out to friends and family by sharing your pledge link.
3. All pledges and payments are made online.*
4. Cheer on your student at the Fun Run on 11/9.

Run and Done Collections

β€’ EASY for everyone! Sponsors only have to sit down once to pledge and pay while our school collects more funds!

β€’ Sponsors can either make a pledge per lap or a flat donation! If they make a pledge per lap, their credit card is charged after the Fun Run!

* Cash and check payments are still accepted & welcome. Send in at one time on or before 11/9. Your student will still get credit for the pledge or donation.

Thank you for your support of our school,

Teasley PTA &
Tiger Trot Commitee

*Check out the Attachment

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