Hello all, the time has come for our first Summative Assessment! The task is to write a personal narrative about a choice that you made (good or bad) and include the consequence and reflection of that choice.  The final draft must be typed 12 pt font or written in blue or black ink on a final draft sheet.  It must also be at least 1 1/2-2 pages in length.  We are currently working on this narrative in class, however the student should be also working on it at home.  Below is a powerpoint with instructions and an example.  The scoring rubric can also be found below.  Lastly please use pages 40-45 in textbook as guides.


Final Draft Sheets

Essay final draft sheet-sna4zu




Below is the scoring rubric that will be used to score the Final Draft.

Scoring Guide


Scoring Criteria






The narrative

  • skillfully describes an incident and a choice made, and thoroughly reflects on the lesson learned

  • shows clear evidence of skillful revision to improve meaning, clarity, and adherence to narrative style

  • includes thoughtful reflection with explanations for changes.

The narrative

  • describes a choice, explains the consequences of the decision made, and reflects on the lesson learned

  • outlines and implements an appropriate revision plan that brings clarity to the narrative

  • includes reasons for the changes made.

The narrative

  • is missing one or more elements of an effective personal narrative (the incident, the choice, the consequences, and/or the reflection)

  • includes no clear outline or implementation of a plan for revision

  • is minimal and/or unclear.

The narrative

  • does not describe or develop a personal incident

  • shows little or no evidence of revision to improve writing, communication of ideas, or transitions to aid the reader.


The narrative

  • has an engaging beginning that hooks the reader and reveals all aspects of the incident

  • has a middle that vividly describes the series of events leading to the incident as well as the narrator’s feelings, thoughts, and actions

  • has a reflective ending that examines the consequences of the choice.

The narrative

  • includes a beginning that introduces the incident

  • includes a middle that adequately describes the narrator’s feelings, thoughts, and actions

  • provides an ending that examines the consequences of the choice.

The narrative

  • reflects very little revision to the first draft’s organizational structure

  • may not include a beginning, a middle, or a reflective conclusion

  • may include an unfocused lead, a middle that merely retells a series of events, and/or an ending with minimal reflection and closure.

The narrative

  • begins unevenly with no clear introduction or lead

  • may be missing one or more paragraphs describing the incident and the narrator’s feelings about it

  • has an inconclusive ending that does not follow from the incident or the narrator’s choices.

Use of Language

The narrative

  • effectively uses sensory details and figurative language to vividly “show” the incident

  • contains few or no errors in spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.

The narrative

  • uses sensory images and details to make the incident clear

  • contains spelling, punctuation, and capitalization mistakes that do not detract.

The narrative

  • does not use sensory images and details to make the incident clear

  • contains mistakes that detract from meaning and/or readability.

The narrative

  • does not clearly describe the incident or provide details

  • contains mistakes that detract from meaning and/or readability.

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Hello and welcome back to a new year at Tapp Middle School and welcome to Ms. Parks 7th grade Language Arts class.  Below is quick visual of my class syllabus, however you can click on the below link for a printable copy! Please sign up for my REMIND 101 text reminders for updates for the class. Simply follow the instructions below to sign up!

7th Grade Syllabus 2017-2018-2bved2z


TEXT @tparks18 to 81010


Sign up at and follow instructions!



Tapp Middle School

7th Grade Language Arts Course Syllabus

School Year 2017 – 2018

Phone: 770-222-3758



This syllabus is a guide and is subject to change to accommodate the class and the needs of students.



You may access additional information concerning our class activities, assignments and handouts by logging on to teacher’s blogs.


Takosha Parks                           


Springboard English Language Arts               $82.82


Online Access:

Student Username = First initial Last name (example tparks)

Student password (ALL CAPS) = First initial Lunch number # (example T123456#)




1st The Choices We Make Students explore the art of storytelling as readers and writers. They encounter contemporary and classic stories about choices and consequences, and they write about their own real and imagined experiences. Students think figuratively and creatively, and they learn to appreciate the writer’s craft through their study and practice.
2nd What Influences My Choices Students shift to the craft of informing, explaining, and convincing. Students learn to generate ideas through close reading, purposeful research, and productive collaboration.
3rd Choices and Consequences Students explore the idea of choices and consequences through a novel that focuses on one young man’s emerging realizations about himself, his family, and the society he lives in. Tangerine takes Paul Fisher, a visually impaired soccer player, on a personal journey of self-discovery. In this unit, students interpret, analyze, and evaluate a novel in terms of point of view, character, structure, and other key literary elements that create a unique text. Students analyze the choices made by the characters in the novel and relate the concept of choices and consequences to their own lives and the lives of prominent leaders whose choices have made positive impacts on society and the world.
4th How We Choose to Act Students explore a range of contemporary and classic poems, monologues, and dialogues to refine their understanding of how writers use language for effect. Students learn how to take their understanding of the written word and express meaning through vocal and visual delivery.


Reading Counts  – All students will be required to read 3 books every quarter for 10% of their grade.


Grading Weights:


Summative                     30%     (Embedded Assessments, Tests, Essays, Projects)

Reading                            25%     (Classwork and quizzes that involve reading standards)

Writing                             25%     (Classwork and quizzes that involve writing standards)

Reading Counts             10%     (Required 3 books per quarter)

Homework                      10%


Makeup Work Policy: 

If a student is absent due to illness (or any other excused absence), work will be accepted according to Cobb County Policy.  This allows the student the same number of days that he/she was absent to make up work.


Late work is accepted upon teacher’s discretion and points may be deducted for late assignments.




Tutoring Schedule: Thursday Mornings 8:15-8:45






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Media Choice Board DUE May 17, 2017


Students must complete 2 of the required assignments along with 3 more of their choice.  Students must submit a total of 5 choice board assignments.  The media powerpoint, choice board, and facebook template can be found by clicking the link below.  DUE MAY 17, 2017.  You can also find the Ethos, Pathos, and Logos powerpoint as well.




Media Choice Board



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8th Grade Creative Writing Project 1st Liner Remix DUE: May 10, 2017


Please see any of the 2 documents below for project instructions.  Project due May 10, 2017





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7th Grade Call for Action Project DUE: 4-27-28


Call for action project instructions are below. Presentations are due 4-27 and 4-28.

Call for action-1qy3298

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8th Grade SUMMATIVE Explanatory/Informative Essay DUE: Tues Feb 7, 2017


Students will be writing an explanatory/informative essay that will explain or inform on one of the below essay topics.  The students MUST use evidence from the novel “We Beat the Streets” and “Outliers” as justification within their essay.  Students will pick one of the topics below for their essay:

  1. How does one attain success?
  2. What factors contribute to success?
  3. How does one measure success?
  4. How do demographics affect one’s success?


Essay Rubric below

Expository Essay Rubric (1)-2d5lgy2


Students have the book “We Beat the Streets” and should be reading the book.  Students will use evidence from the novel to include within the essays.

Below is the summary of the “Outliers” novel that students can use as textual evidence within their essay as well.


Outliers summary-vy03nd

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7th Grade Summative POV Narrative DUE 2-2-17


Students are rewriting the story in “A Long Walk to Water” from Salva’s, Nya’s, Rebel’s, or Family Member’s point of view.  DUE: Thursday Feb 2, 2017

Narrative Must Include the following:

  • 1st Person POV
  • Details not included in the novel
  • Dialogue
  • Inner thoughts of main character
  • Imagery
  • Figurative Language
  • Characterization
  • Plot (Beginning, Middle, End)
  • 2-3 typed pages (12pt font size)

Click below for the pdf version of the book  “LONG WALK TO WATER”.

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7th Grade Homework Refrain or End Rhyme Poem Due 1-20-17


You may choose to complete one of the two poems below. Each poem must contain at least 3 examples of figurative language.

  1. Refrain Poem using one of the following phrases.

No Not Today

My Heart Belongs to You

Smiling Down on Me

Perfect, Just Perfect


End Rhyme Poem

A…                                                       man

A…                                                       can

B…                                                       see

B…                                                       flea

C…                                                       love

C…                                                       dove

D…                                                       show

D…                                                       glow

E…                                                        eyes

E…                                                        lies

F…                                                        plant

F…                                                        grant

G…                                                        men

G…                                                        again

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Vocabulary 1-5-17- 1-20-17


Please define and write a synonym for each vocabulary word.


Simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, consonance, assonance, idiom, figurative language, hyperbole



Theme, interconnection, analysis, diction, tone, syntax, imagery, figurative language, inferred, compare and contrast,


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8th Grade Summative Dystopia Project DUE: 11-28-16



8th graders are currently reading a short story called “The Perfect Match” (Click Link for full story). the-perfect-match  This short story revolves around a dystopian society that sheds light on the fact that humans depend too much on technology.  Students will create their own dystopias based on a social injustice that they see in this world.  Project directions have been passed out to students and the directions are also posted below.



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