Happy New Year!

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Now that the new year is here, we are learning lots of new and exciting things.  In Math we have started multiplying fractions using models and will soon being doing them without models as well.  In reading, we continue to work on our higher level skills as we learned more about Dr. Martin Luther King.  In Social Studies we will be continuing our journey through American history by studying America from WWI to the Great Depression.  In writing will will be working informational writing.

Important dates;

1/15- MLK Holiday- No School


1/19- STEM Fair in the learning commons


The Ides of December

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I can’t believe we are about to start December.  It has been fun so far.  We are currently starting our study of fractions.  We are finding GCF and LCM as we lead into adding, subtracting and comparing.  After finishing up our changing nations unit, we will be starting our next Science Unit.  It will be Changes in Matter. Also we continue to write an opinion writing based on text.

Jingle Jog 12/2

Holiday Shop- 12/4

Symphony- 12/6

Happy Thanksgiving!

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What a busy week!  Feasts, canned-food drives, dividing decimals, Changing Nations and a few other things were part of what we did this week.  As we return from the break, we will completely wrap up our study of decimals.  We will also start working with fractions.  In Science, we will begin our study of matter.  We’ll look at what it’s made of and how it changes.  It’s a very fun unit.  In writing we will work on writing our opinions using paired texts.  I hope everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Important dates

Thanksgiving Break- 11/20/17-11/24/17

Jingle Jog- 12/2/17

Happy November

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The kids are currently working very hard on modeling of decimal division, and we will soon be working on the algorithm.  Please work with your child at home on these concepts.  In Social Studies, we are currently in our Changing Nation unit.  We have been discussing a lot about how our country changed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Next week will working more on opinion writing.  Have a great day!

Important dates

November 9th- STEM Night

November 15th- Family Thanksgiving Feast

November 17th- End of the Can-Do Food Drive

November 20th-24th- Thanksgiving Break

Big Head is Here!!!!

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Conference Week has passed and now we’re headed toward the holidays.  We have recently finished adding, subtracting, and comparing decimals and are beginning multiplying and dividing decimals with and without models.  In Science we are continuing our study of the classification of multicellular organisms and the traits and behaviors they display.  Today we started our Crazy Creatures group projects.  Coming up we will work more on opinion writings.  These will be based on two texts while correctly citing evidence.

The Big Head Campaign started today.  It will end next Monday.  If you can give and want to give, please do so online or in the envelopes sent home at conferences.  There are so many great things here at Ford that a result of generous giving.

Important Dates

Big Head Campaign- 10/23/17-10/30/17

5th Grade Musical- Tuesday, 10/24 @ 6:30 (Students should be here by 6:15.)

5th Grade Lock-In- Friday, 10/27- 6:30-10:00

Foundation Dress-up Day- 10/31/17- $2 donation to Ford Foundation for dressing in costume- (No Masks, please)

Fall Festival Week

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What a fun time of year!  As we move toward the Fall Festival, conference week, and the book fair, a lot has been going on in our class.  We have recently learn how to multiply and divide whole numbers using multiple strategies while finishing our novel study of Hatchet.  We walked through the Civil War using our beautiful campus to act out the major events of the war.  It was lots of fun.

Moving forward, your children will be learning how to add, subtract, compare, and order decimals.  They will more confidently write to share their opinion while citing evidence from text.  Also they will learn how multi cellular organisms get their traits and how they are classified based on their similarities.

Important dates:

10/12- Early Release- 12:30 dimissal

10/13- Fall Festival

10/16-10/20- Conference Week- Early Release each day at 12:30

Happy September!

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We have continued working hard again this week.  In Reading we have continued to read Hatchet.  The students are so “hooked” and always want to keep reading.  Within this novel study we are also working on writing responses that are fully developed using the R.A.C.E.  method.  We have also started digging into the events the led up to the Civil War.  In math we started multiplying whole numbers with two or three digits per factor.  In addition to reviewing past strategies they also learned to multiply using the “Old School” standard algorithm.

As we move forward this week, we will continue our novel study.  We will get into the events of the Civil War including battles, campaigns, and key figures.  We will also move into dividing whole numbers with 2 or 3 digit divisors.  It’s going to be an awesome week!

End of August Update

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This week has been a week of new experiences.  Since the last post, we have spent some time on the nature trail as we tried to get an idea what Brian experienced as we continued our novel study of Hatchet.  We have also gotten on Edmodo for the first time this year.  They have done their “Fear Factor” reflections there and they have done a solid job so far.  We have also gotten started on the Civil War and Reconstruction Unit.  In math we have learned how to estimate products and quotients.

As we move into the next week, we will continue our  novel study while they continue to improve literature responses using the R.A.C.E. (Restate the Question, Answer the Question, Cite the evidence, Explain how the evidence proves the answer) method.  We will also continue studying The Civil War.  They will also present their Cell Projects to the class.  In math we will be learning multiplication and division of whole numbers.


Happy Eclipse Day

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Hopefully everyone’s retinas are still intact.  It has been another super week.  This past week we completed our study of cells and microorganisms, expressions and order of operations, and started a novel study of the book Hatchet.  They love it so far.  This week we will continue our novel study, do the next vocabulary unit, divide and multiply with powers of ten, and start our unit about The Civil War.  They will also put the finishing touches on their cell projects.  It should be a fun week.

Another great week!

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We were busy again last week. We concluded our short story “Charles”, and our first unit of vocabulary.  The students also used order of operations to evaluate and write expressions.  In Science, we learned about plant and animal cells along with the differences between single-celled and multi-celled organisms.  They also started working on the Cell PBL projects.

This week we will do the following:

Math- finish writing expressions and examine how exponents work and apply to order of operations (quiz likely Thursday or Friday and Bell Ringer assessment Friday)

Science- examine helpful and harmful microorganisms (Test Friday) continue work on PBL

Writing- Use the R.A.C.E. method to write constructed responses

Reading- Sign Posts

Spelling- start first spelling unit

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