One Week Left!

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Spring break is almost here.  We are continuing to roll on.  In math we have finished volume and are now learning to make conversions with customary and metric measurements.  In science we will be starting to learn about Constructive and Destructive Forces next week.  Now that we have finished WWII and the Cold War, we are studying the history of the U.S from the 1950’s-present day.  Finally we will continue reading, writing and figurative language while doing our Wonder  book study.  Have a great weekend!



March Madness is Upon Us!

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This would definitely describe our current pace.  They are learning so much, but as always, we want to have them ready for testing.  We will be starting our next science unit on Monday.  It will be on Constructive and Destructive Forces.  In social studies will be finishing our WWII and Cold War unit and then moving on to the1950s-Present Day.  In math, we will learning how to find the volume of composite figures and then we will learn customary measurement conversions.  How fun is that?


Important Dates-

3/21- Kindergarten Registration

3/21- Report Cards go home.


Moving Right Along

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This week has been another busy week.  We now are experts on polygons, and headed toward volume.  We have continued our Novel study of Wonder.  The kids love the book.  Also we are deeply entrenched in our study of WWII and the Cold War.  In science we concluded our unit on Electricity and Magnetism.  It’s shocking how much they learned.  Next up, is a ground breaking study of Earth’s constructive and destructive forces.  I’m looking forward to it.

Important Dates

-3/9- Bingo Night

-3/9-3/16 Scholastic Book Fair

March is Here!!

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As we near Spring and the Milestone (dun, dun, dun), we are keeping the pedal to the metal.  In math, we are finally done with our study of fractions.  Thank goodness!  Now we are moving into classifying quadrilaterals and triangles.  In Language Arts, we started a novel study of Wonder, the amazing book by R.J.  Palicio.  During this study, we will dig deep as we work on higher level comprehension, writing responses to literature, figurative language, and increasing vocabulary.  It’s a great study.  We currently have parallel science and Social Studies units going.  In science, we are finishing up or unit electricity and magnetism.   In social studies, We are learning about WWII and the Cold War.  Like I said, we are busy!

Important Dates

3/8- Spirit Night @ Chik-fil-a

3/9- Book Fair Opens

3/9- Bingo Night- 6:30-8:30

Valentine’s Day is Coming!

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As Valentine’s Day and Winter Break approach, we have continued to work hard.  We have just about concluded our study of fractions as they have now learned to divide fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers.  Next week we will learn to use fractions on a line plot and estimate with fractions.  In Language Arts we have been studying eight types of figurative language and culminating with our Figuratively Me! projects.  This week we will start our Wonder book study.  It’s a great book.  In science we will continue learning about electricity and magnetism.  It should be a fun week.

Stevie B’s Night- 2/12

Valentine’s Day- exchange on 2/14

Ident-a-kid- Retake- 2/15

Chorus @ Burnt Hickory-2/16 @ 12:45.

Winter Break- 2/19-2/23

Groundhog Day!

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Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow.  Six more weeks of winter ahead.  That’s good because we have a lot to do.  After finishing our study of multiplying with fractions, we have started dividing with fractions and will continue through most of next week.  In writing, we will be working on informational writings using text evidence even from more than one text.  We finished up our study of WWI-The New Deal.  We are now going to be studying Electricity and Magnetism in our next science unit.  It should be a fun week ahead.

Important Dates

Winter Break- February 19th-23rd

KSU Field Trip to the Holocaust Museum- 2/26

Storm after the Snow

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Now that the snow is gone and we can actually get something done. We have had a busy week.  It’s hard to believe it’s the first five day week since early December.  So this week we finished learning how to find products using fractions with and without models.  They did very well.  Also we continued our study of American history between WWI and the New Deal.  It was a very cool, challenging time in our country’s rich history.  We will likely have a test at the end of next week.  Study guides will come home soon.  We recently worked on an opinion writing about why ugly animals should also be protected.  They’re pretty interesting.  We will also be spending more and more time writing for information.

Important Dates

2/1- Identi-Kid Make ups- 10:30-1:00


Happy New Year!

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Now that the new year is here, we are learning lots of new and exciting things.  In Math we have started multiplying fractions using models and will soon being doing them without models as well.  In reading, we continue to work on our higher level skills as we learned more about Dr. Martin Luther King.  In Social Studies we will be continuing our journey through American history by studying America from WWI to the Great Depression.  In writing will will be working informational writing.

Important dates;

1/15- MLK Holiday- No School


1/19- STEM Fair in the learning commons


The Ides of December

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I can’t believe we are about to start December.  It has been fun so far.  We are currently starting our study of fractions.  We are finding GCF and LCM as we lead into adding, subtracting and comparing.  After finishing up our changing nations unit, we will be starting our next Science Unit.  It will be Changes in Matter. Also we continue to write an opinion writing based on text.

Jingle Jog 12/2

Holiday Shop- 12/4

Symphony- 12/6

Happy Thanksgiving!

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What a busy week!  Feasts, canned-food drives, dividing decimals, Changing Nations and a few other things were part of what we did this week.  As we return from the break, we will completely wrap up our study of decimals.  We will also start working with fractions.  In Science, we will begin our study of matter.  We’ll look at what it’s made of and how it changes.  It’s a very fun unit.  In writing we will work on writing our opinions using paired texts.  I hope everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Important dates

Thanksgiving Break- 11/20/17-11/24/17

Jingle Jog- 12/2/17

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