What a great way to end the week, Western wear for BBQ & BINGO night. I am looking forward to playing a few games with my family tonight. Thank you PTSA, I know it will be amazing. See you there from 6-8 pm.

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Mrs. Poulos reviews mentor text readings to model our seed story that we started this week.

Students are working hard at building our IANs (Inter-Active Notebook) for Writing.

In reading we looked for character traits in our choice text during DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time.

STEAM mini-challenge:


Please ask your student about the 4 C’s of STEAM (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity). We also worked on the Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve) and how this mini-challenge can help us with real-world challenges.

Some takeaways:

It’s ok to start over

It’s ok to ask for help

It’s ok to get frustrated

It was hard to not eat Fred

It was fun to work together

It was hard to remember the rules

Sometimes the materials don’t cooperate

Sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board because things don’t always go as planned

Fred was yummy. πŸ›

Working together, we saved Fred!


Another great week!

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This week was amazing. We started off with a huge surprise, Mrs. Farley’s class was split up and she moved to 5th grade. We will miss her but we are SO excited to get 6 new ducks in our class. Please ask your child about our new classmates.

This week we visited Place Value Town. Look at that engagement! ❀

Our class pet, “Larry”, might actually be a “Mary”. We wrote all about what we thought was going on after we noticed some changes in the tank on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Mrs. Homer found a caterpillar walking around on our floor. She went out to get some dirt, sticks and leaves for it and found a friend. I wonder if they will make a chrysalis??

In math we did our first F4 (Fast Fact Fluency Friday) to practice our multiplication facts. Keep running through those facts every night. This skill is vital for 4th grade success.

Our media center specialist, Ms. Stanley, had a great activity for us this week. We worked collaboratively to orient our way around the new learning commons and genrefied fiction section. Way to go everyone.

Looking forward to another amazing week. We are almost to the top of our SECOND popcorn bucket for our class incentive. WAY TO BE Respectful, Responsible and Empowered!

We are off to a GREAT start!

What an amazing class!Β  We have had such a great week in 4th grade. Here are some pictures of what we have done together during team building, classroom procedures, formative assessments and celebrations.

Using only the string and rubber band, students had to stack a pyramid of cups…

It took a minute to figure out how to do this…

After some practice, they got much faster…


Almost there!

Way to go!

Student interest surveys help us understand our new classmate’s likes and dislikes.

The MI (Math inventory) and the RI (Reading inventory) help us form our groups.

Our quiet critters help us stay on task while we are working.

Such cute little guys.

Rewards are given out when the critter stays for the whole time.

Time for our “Me Museum” presentations.

Map skills for Social Studies. X marks the spot in the front office!

The next group found their treasure clue in the mail room.

The final group had to go to the teacher’s lounge to get their clue.

Puzzle time to figure out the treasure map reward.

Fun Friday with popcorn and Munchkins!

Way to go everyone! Looking forward to another great week. ❀


❀ We are having THE BEST first day. ❀

This class is amazing and we know they will do great things this year.

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Mrs. Poulos and I thank you for sharing your child with us.

❀ We hope to make you proud. ❀

Summer Reading Programs

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180 days…how does the school year go so fast??

❀ THANK YOU for such a GREAT YEAR! ❀

Just because school is out for a few weeks, doesn’t mean we should take a break from learning, reading and growing. There are lots of opportunities to keep your skills sharp over the coming months. Make sure to challenge your brain each day, get outside and get some fresh air. Turn off technology and explore! Feel free to email me over the summer to let me know how you’re doing. I LOVE summer reading recommendations. Some of our best classroom read aloud book choices came from my summer book club. πŸ™‚

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Click the links below for more information:

Learning A-Z free all summer.

β›± Parent Letter (003)

Link to Ms. Stanley’s Summer Reading Challenge & Cobb County Library Reading Challenge:


Not sure what to read? Here is a fun list:




May Days

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Wow. We are here. It is officially the end of the year countdown. 5th graders are getting excited about middle school. 4th grade is getting excited about being the top dog in the school. Everyone is looking forward to a little bit of rest and relaxation. But first….

We have to finish testing.

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4th ELA IIIΒ  May 1

5th Sci/SS on May 2, 3

4th Math I & II on May 6, 7

**Please note**

Visitors may only come for lunch on FRIDAY during the testing window. This minimizes the distractions in the school during that time. Friday May 3rd is also testing for 5th so no visitors for lunch that day.

After testing we will focus on Goals & Objectives for progress reports. We will also be finishing any unfinished classroom work.


Students will complete work on Q4 standards, word problems and unfinished review packets.


Students will be given the final round of DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) aka, the “Green Books” to help determine their current reading level. One last RI (Reading Inventory) will be given the week of May 13th during class. While they are waiting to work one on one with me, students will complete review packets that also address goals (sequencing, inferencing, WH questions, main idea, etc.)


Students will finish up writing prompts that were given before testing and will work on new ones as time allows. Please ask your child what they have been writing about.

Recent prompts include:

✏ My Spring Break Plans or The Perfect Spring Break.

✏ I Woke Up { on the moon, on a desert island, in Jurassic Park, etc} and I need to Get Home

✏ My Mom Should Win a Diamond

✏ I Found a Shiny Egg on the Forrest Floor {or insert place here}

✏ How to Make a Beach (if time allows)

April Happenings

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This month always goes by SO fast. We start off with Spring Break and return with review and Milestones testing. I will repost my links to the testing resources. Please make sure that they are still reading each night, getting to bed early and getting a good breakfast.

In all core classes-

Spiral reviews will begin after Spring break. We will revisit all of the First Quarter standards and progress into what we have been working on at the close of Q3.


My favorite unit will be explored-Forces & Motion! πŸ™‚Β  We have lots of fun, hands on, activities for this unit. We will be using lots of video sources and technology in class as well.

Social Studies-

We will study the Civil War and it’s impacts on our nation. We will also dig into Personal Finance and Careers to finish out the year.


Pitner has added a Parent Support Page to our school blog. Please look at the site and explore the resources available. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. πŸ™‚

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5th ELA I, II & III on April 10, 11, 12

5th Math I & II on April 22, 23

3rd Math I & II April 24, 25

4th ELA I, II & III on April 29, 30 & May 1

5th Sci/SS on May 2, 3

4th Math I & II on May 6, 7

**Please note**

Visitors may only come for lunch on FRIDAY during the testing window. This minimizes the distractions in the school during that time. Friday May 3rd is also testing for 5th so no visitors for lunch that day.

πŸ• Pizza Party for Reading Students πŸ•

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100%, I say, 100% of our class improved in reading DRA this quarter AND 90% improved their scores on the RI (Reading Inventory)! WOOHOO!! πŸ• We had a pizza party to celebrate. 😊 Please ask your child about this if they have me for reading!!

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Keep practicing at home. Students often ask us, “How do you know if we are doing our homework or not?” We can tell. The improvements made this quarter mean that students are pushing themselves outside of our classroom. Excellent job!

Marching On πŸ€

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Wow, I hope this rain slows down soon, I feel like we are going to float away! We will need all the recess days we can get with this long stretch before Spring Break. πŸ™‚

I posted earlier this week about testing resources. Please make sure you are helping your child review in the evenings for the Milestones coming up. I have lots of other resources on my Symbaloo site (click link above). If you cannot get to a computer, please encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes per night. Ask them what is going on in the story. Who are the characters? What is the setting? The main idea? What do they think will happen next? Then you can extend by asking them how they would have written the ending differently or how would thy have solved the problem if they were the main character. πŸ™‚


Whew! LOTS of fractions are flying around our classroom. We have talked about pizza, candy bars, pies, pans of brownies and eggs by the dozen. We have worked with timers, measurement and money for decimals. We have compared fractions & decimals, changed improper fractions into proper fractions, added-subtracted & multiplied fractions. We have even learned the least common multiples or equivalent fractions in order to reduce (aka simplify).

We have worked on perimeter, area and volume (5th grade). We have practiced making sure that everyone labels their work in units for these problems as well as word problems. We have done line plots and real life word problems. We are moving right along into Q4 and keeping up with our homerooms, woohoo!


Reading groups will continue and DRAs will be given to measure Q3 progress. The RI testing window opens on March 18th. I cannot wait to see how much they have improved. I can tell that they are practicing their reading and also their comprehension skills-Keep up the good work!


Most of this month will be spent finishing up our narrative unit (5th grade) and informational (4th grade) unit. The 4th grade State Fair is on March 22nd. If you would like to volunteer to help, please let Ms. Stanley know.


We just finished our unit on Light & Sound. The students were given a completed study guide and had numerous labs during this course of study. Students that studied for the test did really well. Those that did not studyΒ  may not be happy with their grade. Please check your child’s agenda each night and reinforce our reminders to study. A completed study guide is always on Mrs. Poulos’ blog if your child loses theirs or the dog eats it.

Our little friend, Tiny Chef, had a coloring contest. We entered a montage of student work that resembled the Andy Warhol type picture that Chef had posted on his site. Tiny Chef is an amazing stop motion creation, and a real life example of how the skills we use in class (during the habitat unit) can be used in the real world.

Here is our class entry. We didn’t win but we had fun trying!

Skype session with the author of How to Train Your Dragon, Cressida Cowell. This was a great segue into our lesson on the art of Foley (putting sounds and background noises into movies and cartoons).

One of our “play days” using light and sound elements. Light bright to reinforce transparent and translucent lights, old fashioned cup phones for sound, prisms, magnifying glasses, Slinky time to recreate compression (sound) and transverse (light) waves.

After Spring Break we will start our final science unit on Forces & Motion. This is one of my very favorites so lots of fun activities and labs are coming up.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out. My door is always open. πŸ™‚

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