Another busy week in #408

Wow! Time keeps flying by. We are officially finished with the 1st quarter of the school year. We will keep marching on as we start conference week on Monday. Please remember that we have early release each day.

Before we move on to Q2, let’s take a look at the icing on Q1:

We’ve been saying it all year, this class is so sweet and caring. They look out for each other and show each other what it means to be a great friend. This picture sums up what we see all day long. ❀

Look at that engagement in writing! Learning about mentor sentences (which are SO hard) and how to determine what makes a writing piece a narrative.

Fire Safety Village field trip. We had fun learning about fire safety. We got out of a smoky room and made it safely to the meeting spot to call 911.

Teachers hanging out during the bus safety talk πŸ™‚

The most anticipated activity, driving the go-carts! πŸ™‚

In math we continued exploring perimeter using manipulatives.

In Science we wrapped up our Moon in the Box challenge. Presentations will be in class this coming week.

End of the week, end of the quarter and a full popcorn bucket means CELEBRATION time!! Way to be awesome! We had Fun Friday, Lunch Bunch, PBIS Blue team dance party and a surprise visit from Kevin.

Welcome back and Happy October!

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We hope everyone had a restful fall break. We are recharged and ready to go. Conferences are coming up soon and so are some more in-school and out of school field trips. Let’s do this!

We had an introduction into the causes of the American Revolution this week, we will pick up with AR during conference week.

Ms. Stanley let us on a tour of Destiny where we put online resources into our digital backpacks.

More reading time with Baby James ❀

The Cobb County Fire Safety Village field trip is coming up. We had a fire fighter come in and teach us about home safety. Please help your child with the booklet and return it for a grade by 10/10. We visit the Safety Village on Tuesday 10/8.

Zoo Phonics parade is always a special treat. Our young friends looked adorable!

Wellstar came to visit and talk about Temper Tamers. Things we can do to regulate our emotions and things we can say to help calm down when we get upset.

Thank you Wellstar, what a nice gift to remind us to use our words and stay calm when we get upset.

Mrs. Westbrook was back! We love when she comes to give talent development lessons. We thought outside the box this week and come up with some creative ideas.

What a great week!

After the awesomeness of this week, we are all ready for a break. But first, some pictures of what we were up to.

Mrs. Poulos and I were so excited to share the Star Lab with all of our 4th grade students.

All set up and ready to go!

Ms. Perry came in for our monthly guidance lesson.

Working on spelling games during Reading rotations.

Students also choose DEAR time during Reading rotations (Drop Everything And Read).

We created an outdoor habitat for the sloth family.

This sloth was camouflaged.

Baby James gets lots of love every week. The students love to read with him during group rotations. ❀

Mrs. Poulos was ready to ROCK 80’s Day. Sadly, we forgot to take a class picture. Doh!

Mrs. Poulos and I ended the school week and kicked off the fall break with a Kell home game to honor our military. ❀

Half a dozen weeks have past

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Fun Facts:

This week (and part of next) is Palindrome Week, how cool!

Also, the full moon on Friday the 13th only happens every two decades or so. The last one was October 13, 2000 and the next one won’t happen until August 13, 2049!

Fun with food to enhance our sensory writing

What does the food look like, smell like & taste like? How does it make you feel?

Remember that time the school was so awesome with their fundraiser that we broke the website? Yeah, that happened this week. Whoa. The PTSA will let us know when we are back online. Thank you for everyone’s patience while the company works through the software bugs.

Subtraction with regrouping during math. Tough concept but we are getting there.

BOOK FAIR time!! Woot! The book fair is open until Thursday at noon.

Moon phases taste yummy, LOL

Playing with our food is allowed…sometimes….

Full moons taste the best to me.

Look how we can model and demonstrate our knowledge of the moon phases πŸ™‚

Baby James says, “War Eagle!”

Auburn fans have to stick together around here!

Best team in Pitner is a House Divided!

WAR EAGLE (roll tide)

FORE!! Another great week heading your way…

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We had a great counseling session with Ms. Perry.

Role play on how to be a good friend.

Discussions on how to choose the next category.


Gutsy The flying Fox came to talk about PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) at Pitner

Gusty was here too! He was super silly!

Gutsy telling us how to be Respectful, Responsible and Empowered.

Jumping over a pack of students.

He jumped over Dr. Hosey! Wow!


Learning Commons Book Club

Our first Flashlight Friday was a success.

Work hard during the week and play when the work is done.

Teachers read too.

Talent Development with Mrs. Westbrook.


What a great way to end the week, Western wear for BBQ & BINGO night. I am looking forward to playing a few games with my family tonight. Thank you PTSA, I know it will be amazing. See you there from 6-8 pm.

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Mrs. Poulos reviews mentor text readings to model our seed story that we started this week.

Students are working hard at building our IANs (Inter-Active Notebook) for Writing.

In reading we looked for character traits in our choice text during DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time.

STEAM mini-challenge:


Please ask your student about the 4 C’s of STEAM (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity). We also worked on the Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve) and how this mini-challenge can help us with real-world challenges.

Some takeaways:

It’s ok to start over

It’s ok to ask for help

It’s ok to get frustrated

It was hard to not eat Fred

It was fun to work together

It was hard to remember the rules

Sometimes the materials don’t cooperate

Sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board because things don’t always go as planned

Fred was yummy. πŸ›

Working together, we saved Fred!


Another great week!

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This week was amazing. We started off with a huge surprise, Mrs. Farley’s class was split up and she moved to 5th grade. We will miss her but we are SO excited to get 6 new ducks in our class. Please ask your child about our new classmates.

This week we visited Place Value Town. Look at that engagement! ❀

Our class pet, “Larry”, might actually be a “Mary”. We wrote all about what we thought was going on after we noticed some changes in the tank on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Mrs. Homer found a caterpillar walking around on our floor. She went out to get some dirt, sticks and leaves for it and found a friend. I wonder if they will make a chrysalis??

In math we did our first F4 (Fast Fact Fluency Friday) to practice our multiplication facts. Keep running through those facts every night. This skill is vital for 4th grade success.

Our media center specialist, Ms. Stanley, had a great activity for us this week. We worked collaboratively to orient our way around the new learning commons and genrefied fiction section. Way to go everyone.

Looking forward to another amazing week. We are almost to the top of our SECOND popcorn bucket for our class incentive. WAY TO BE Respectful, Responsible and Empowered!

We are off to a GREAT start!

What an amazing class!Β  We have had such a great week in 4th grade. Here are some pictures of what we have done together during team building, classroom procedures, formative assessments and celebrations.

Using only the string and rubber band, students had to stack a pyramid of cups…

It took a minute to figure out how to do this…

After some practice, they got much faster…


Almost there!

Way to go!

Student interest surveys help us understand our new classmate’s likes and dislikes.

The MI (Math inventory) and the RI (Reading inventory) help us form our groups.

Our quiet critters help us stay on task while we are working.

Such cute little guys.

Rewards are given out when the critter stays for the whole time.

Time for our “Me Museum” presentations.

Map skills for Social Studies. X marks the spot in the front office!

The next group found their treasure clue in the mail room.

The final group had to go to the teacher’s lounge to get their clue.

Puzzle time to figure out the treasure map reward.

Fun Friday with popcorn and Munchkins!

Way to go everyone! Looking forward to another great week. ❀