Summertime fun to feed your brain!

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PLEASE do not forget to feed your brains!! Cheeto fingers and video games are a sometimes treat. Get outside and play in the fresh air. Get inside of a great book and go on amazing adventures! Be awesome…

Summertime extensions:


Keep a journal of your adventures. Don’t forget to tell me the WHs (Who, what, where, when, why and how).

Feel free to make it scrapbook style to include drawings or brochures from your travels.

If you stay here, tell me what you did to occupy your time or embark on some creative writing, poetry or songs.



I will post the link on this post as soon as I get the information from Mrs. Stanley. I WILL BE DOING THE CHALLENGE AS WELL. If I can do it, you can do it! : ) I will post pictures all summer long. I’m excited to share my adventures with you!

If you score 2 levels higher on your DRA assessment within the first month of school, I will have a surprise for you. No charts, graphs or logs to keep up with-I will be able to tell if you are reading over the summer. My stack of books is calling my name….

Don’t forget our book club blog link on the left hand side of the page. I will be posting student and teacher recommendations for what to read along with the reading level. Feel free to email me over the summer and tell me what you have read and I will add it to the list! Make sure you always get adult permission. This will help you have a list of books ready if you want to visit the Kennesaw library to try an earn Summertime Reading Rewards.



Your consumable text books are coming home from math. That gives you PLENTY of practice for the summertime.

You can always make up math problems like we did for our end of the year celebration. Having a BBQ for the 4th of July? Help figure out how many hot dogs & hamburgers to buy. How many buns? Oh, no…we need cupcakes…how many should we make? Be a hero and help with party planning.

F4s (fast fact fluency Fridays) will be happening again next year. If you practice over the summer and score as a multiplication master within the 1st month of school, I have a surprise for you. No. I will not tell you what it is. 😉


Symbaloo will be up and running over the summer. That is a great resource to keep your skills fresh.

Enjoy your time off, we will be back together again before we know it.

5th Graders–feel free to participate as well, we would love to hear for you! : )