Week 2 Recap and Preview

Week two was terrific!  We had lots of policies and procedures to review and rehearse. The students have done amazing with following the rules. THANK YOU to everyone that came out to Open House.

We had some getting to know you activities including the Me Museum and the blue bag sharing. I had fun getting to know your child or learning more about them if I had them last year.


Math got messy this week…and that’s ok. I like to dump out the manipulatives and we had fun using them for place value work.

Students worked together and were showing what they know on the board. We then worked together to make sure they had set up the problem, was it reasonable and was the answer correct.

Trying to come up with random numbers for place value can be boring. We used dice, cards, flip charts, styrofoam cups and manipulatives to randomize our large numbers.

We also worked on our IANs (Inter-Active Notebooks). Students cut and glue fold-able worksheets into their journals. We use our IAN as support for the standards we are working on and a reference for our independent work time. Journals were collected for a grade. As soon as the grade books are set up I will update the system.


Students will continue to build their IANs, work on multiplying and dividing by the power of 10 and addition/subtraction with regrouping.

WRITING: We continued our getting to know you launch lessons. We did a MI (multiple intelligence survey) to see how each student prefers to learn. I then met with students individually to discuss their results and put them on our chart. This process helps me better understand each student and their learning styles.  We also did our school wide 45 minute narrative writing prompt that is used as a baseline for their progress. Again, Journals were collected for a grade.

WRITING NEXT WEEK: We will continue with narrative writing, including the story arc process, graphic organizers and types of sentences. Journals will be collected and graded on the rubric that we went over together as a class.

SCIENCE: We explored the three states of matter: solids, liquids and gasses.

We observed the molecular arrangement of water in a solid, liquid and gas.

We did a kinetic activity where WE became the water molecules and moved around like [a solid,] a liquid and a gas would do.

OLT-Outside learning time: We mixed a solid (baking soda) and a liquid (vinegar) and made a gas in a baggie.

It was fun to “see” our gas!

SCIENCE NEXT WEEK: We will explore the water cycle and clouds.

READING: We are working on getting the reading lab set up. We finished the read aloud book, All the Answers by Kate Messner.

READING NEXT WEEK: Hopefully all of the baseline data will be collected soon. We are working through San Diego word lists, the RI tests and DRAs to get a solid baseline to begin the Read 180 program. The reading lab is up and ready and we will continue to use it for instruction.

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