Week 4 Eclipses all others ;)

Monday the 21st was a fun day to be at school! Lots of kids checked out early or spent the day with their family to view the eclipse. My kids stayed home with Mr. Rob so that they could see the event together.

Kevin and Pinkie had funny solar eclipse tee shirts on. Jared said it was too hot to wear his back tee shirt.

My friends, the Eljiche family, were in North Georgia. I really loved their picture of the Bailey Beads!

Mr. Eljiche also got a great photo of the corona!

NASA had a post about the eclipse as well. They were lucky enough to get a picture with the ISS (International Space Station) passing by during the event.

Can you see the astronauts on the ISS waving? 😉

As teacher friend of mine caught glimpses of the eclipse shadows on the ground.

This is a phenomena that only happens during a solar eclipse.

Mr. Rob got a picture of the shadows as well at the Homerhouse.

This picture was captured by Patriot student teacher Willi in 5th grade.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo!  We had an amazing day!

MATH: We continued our place value work and completed a place value placemat to go with our place value town. We worked on addition and subtraction of numbers with and without regrouping.

MATH PREVIEW: We will be working on comparing numbers, ordering numbers and rounding numbers. Fast Fact Fluency Friday is in full swing. Please work with your child on their multiplication facts. They need to know their facts as quick as they can recall their name.

Students working in pairs on their place value placemats.

Great team work!

WRITING: We worked on finding “juicy” description words to help build our burgers. We worked on using our senses to create pictures in our minds (and in the minds of our readers) with our words. “Writers write for readers to read. Better writers make better readers and both make better spellers.”~Mrs. Homer 🙂

WRITING PREVIEW: We will continue to write more complex sentences using our senses and identify the common and proper nouns within those sentences. As always, we will work on capitalization & punctuation. We will also model to write and rewrite/revise/edit to make our sentences more descriptive.

Students trying to find just the right words to describe their yummy ELA leasson.

Students are always welcome to come to the ladybug and share their writing for their peers. Our author’s chair procedure helps students realize when they my be using “invisible ink” versus “thinking with inking”. If it is confusing to read out loud, it might be confusing to the reader. Students share glows & grows with their peers and work on their speaking & listening skills as well.

SCIENCE: We worked on weather, clouds, eclipse and states of matter.

SCIENCE PREVIEW: We will continue with the weather unit, review and have a test on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1st. Study guides were sent home. Check Mrs. Poulos’ blog if you need an online copy of the study guide. 

One of my friends said that they saw a t-rex…do you see it?

Do you see Goofy?

OLT (outdoor learning time) is the BEST! 🙂

READING: Students worked hard on their close reading. Unfinished work was completed first so that we could have Fun Friday. Work first, then play.

READING PREVIEW: We will be finishing up the DRA assessments, hopefully. Then we can implement the Read 180 lab for Read 180 next week.

Thank you for sharing your children with me. We had another great week at Pitner! As always, if you have questions or concerns, please email me: [email protected]

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